Props Keeps Your Headphones Untangled

If you use earbuds to listen to music, you probably have them with you but not necessarily wearing them all the time. You may need to take them out to interact with another person or when you want a break from listening to your music. When that happens, you have to solve the problem of where to put those earphones. Props solves that problem for you.

Props is essentially a string with two grips on each end that you wear around your neck. Your earbuds then attach to the grips and are held in place when not in use. If you want to put them on, Props adjusts so it doesn't get in the way while still holding on to your headphones. My product-free solution has always been to toss my earbuds around the back of my neck so they'd stay put, but they'd sometimes fall off and end up tangled. Props looks like a more elegant solution to the problem, if you're willing to pay a small fee.

Props ($US6) [Quirky]


    I think buying the behind the neck corded ones also solves this problem while also looking neater.

    In this case, a small fee for the tool and then $12.50 to $38 for shipping, which makes it an expensive piece of string.

    Hmm looks like it wouldn't take much to accidentally yank them out of those claws. They should have made them so the slit was on the side not the bottom. If they do that I'll buy a few of them.

    Similar to ones that i have around my neck that hang my prescription glasses... like grandmas, but with more rhinestones!

    My old 6110Nav phone came with headphones with a similar neck lanyard.

    Modify the drwstring on your hoodie, get the same effect for free.

    use the cords for sunglasses or an old shoelace

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