Store Cords With This Simple Wrapping Technique

Someday soon(ish), virtually all of your electronics will transfer data and maybe even charge wirelessly, but in the meantime, we're stuck managing cords and cables. You'll find about as many cable management solutions as there are stars in the sky, but I've never posted my favourite simple cord-wrapping and shortening technique. So here goes.

The technique, as you can see demonstrated in the video above, is very simple. You start off tying a loose overhand knot, then just keep wrapping the loose ends of the cord around the knot. It couldn't be easier, but it works like a charm. I use this all the time. Go forth and organise!


    Would love to find out how, but the video is marked "Private".

    Was able to watch the vid without trouble. The only worry I'd have with this is possible overheating? Not sure if that is the case with these cables, but don't they always warn for that?

    You can't believe anything this guy says, he's been lobotomised...! :)

    meh, looks like a lot of work and a bigger knot, I'll stick the simple tie it in a knot technique you mentioned months ago...

    I would love to know if there is a way to get cables the exact length you need them, rather than having to devise methods to deal with excess cable length.

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