• Got An Old Version Of 7-Zip? Update Now For A Free Speed Boost

    There’s not much competition when it comes to compression utilities: 7-Zip is king of the hill. If you have it installed, but haven’t updated in a while, grab version 18.05 right now. The latest official release, it contains a bunch of speed improvements so archiving is that much snappier.

  • Google Open Sources Draco 3D Compression Library

    Gruntier video cards. More powerful CPUs. Higher resolution displays. All this stuff is really important when it comes to enjoying quality 3D experiences, be it video games or virtual reality. But none of it matters if it takes 400 years to download those experiences. Hence why companies such as Google spend a lot of time…

  • Ask LH: Should I Compress My Photos To Save Space?

    Dear Lifehacker, I’m running out of hard drive space because I have an enormous collection of photos. Apart from getting more storage or culling some pictures, the other option I’ve been thinking about is converting all my images to the WebP file format. It looks like it could compress down to somewhere between 40 to…