Opera Max Compresses Netflix And YouTube Videos To Save You Data

Opera Max Compresses Netflix And YouTube Videos To Save You Data

Android: Every once in a while, I find myself out in the world with no Wi-Fi, bored and itching to watch Netflix on my phone — but I don’t want to go over my data cap. Opera Max helps solve that problem.

Opera Max has been around for a while, helping you compress web pages, images and (some) video to save data on your device. The problem was it couldn’t compress video from secure streams like Netflix and YouTube — until now.

Just download Opera Max and turn it on to start compressing data. You can choose which apps to compress, block apps from using data entirely, and choose between different quality settings. This is a godsend, since Netflix (shockingly) doesn’t even have quality settings in its own app.

Sure, your video won’t look as great, but at least you can still watch something if you’re nearing your data cap for the month.

Watch More Video with Opera Max [Opera Blog via Ghacks]


  • As long as people only use it for those sites, i for one don’t cater to Opera mobile browsers.

    I long for the day when core functionality is handled by a unified engine, and browsers can wrap their ui and extra features around that so it doesn’t matter what browser you use, a page written to the standards looks the same regardless of browser in that class (obviously mobile and desktop will be have slightly different capabilities and not render the same).

    • It might interest you to know that Opera Max is not a browser. It’s basically a VPN that routes your internet traffic through a compression engine before you start transferring it to your device.

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