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Cleaning pet hair off any surface is always a chore, but fabrics are very much the worst. Tempting as it may be, giving up and tossing a hair-coated blanket in with the rest of the wash will only transfer that hair to the rest of the load — and send the rest straight down your pipes. There’s a better way: Just throw super-hairy fabrics into the dryer before washing them.


For some reason, the tiny things we drop on the ground are never the ones we could stand to lose. Nope, it’s always the back to a favourite pair of earrings, your wedding band, or a pill you can’t afford to miss a dose of. The next time this happens, don’t panic—just grab some hosiery and your vacuum cleaner.


The old joke is that there's only one way to get rid of glitter: Move houses. I'm part of the rare breed of parents who don't despise glitter, but my husband groans every time I let our kid go wild with it in her art projects. "The herpes of craft supplies," he says, referencing a Demetri Martin bit. Yes, glitter is a pain to clean, especially when you think you've removed the most of it, and then for weeks later, find stray sparkles in your books, behind your ears, and on the cat. Luckily, there are some ways to get rid of it with items you probably have on hand.