DoorDash 2022 Wrapped, Like a Good Kebab

DoorDash 2022 Wrapped, Like a Good Kebab

DoorDash Australia has shared their 2022 wrap-up and it’s a whopper.

For the past year, Australians have been hungry for a variety of cuisines, supporting local restaurants and dropping some hefty amounts of dough on their favourite foods.

Let’s take a look at the trends in each state:


The Capital has laid low this year in terms of stats, but we can confirm that they are still addicted to coffee. The ACT has ordered more flat whites than any other state in Australia.

As for their most ordered foods, the ACT loves a Halal Snack Pack, followed by Burgers, Chinese, Italian and Indian. Yummy.


Tassies have also been quiet on the food front, but they’re not out of the frying pan yet. The city of Burnie has the second-most indulgent eaters on the list. The people of Burnie love fast food. Think fries, burgers, pizza and fried chicken.

But when they’re not ordering Burgers, Tassies love Mexican, Middle Eastern, Chinese and Italian.

Northern Territory

Adding itself to the list of indulgent eaters is the Northern Territory — specifically Palmerston and Alice Springs.

In terms of most ordered cuisines, NT has some interesting ones. Of course, Burgers top the list followed by Mexican, Italian, Fish & Chips and… Hawaiian? They’re really shaking things up in the North.

South Australia

According to DoorDash 2022 Wrapped, South Australians love a cappuccino.

But they also love Burgers, Indian, Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean — the flavours of kings.

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Now because it’s always so hot in Queensland, they’ve been crowned the number one iced coffee addicts in Australia — congratulations guys!

As for food, Queenslanders love Burgers, Indian, Middle Eastern, Fish & Chips and Japanese.

Western Australia

Over in the West, Bunbury made the list of cities that ordered the most fast food, while Perth made the list of cities with the most pick-up orders.

WA’s favourite cuisines are Burgers, Italian, Chinese, Indian and Thai, all washed down with an iced coffee.


Salads, bowls and rice paper rolls. Victorians love their leafy greens and have ordered the most healthy food from DoorDash in 2022. Speaking of plants, they also ordered the most flowers via DoorDash. 

In terms of coffee, Victorians topped the list of coffee addicts — they love a good latte.

When they’re not ordering salads, people in Victoria are getting Burgers, Italian, Indian, Middle Eastern and Thai delivered.

DoorDash 2022 Wrapped
Image: iStock

New South Wales

They’ve set some records in the Eastern states. People in NSW are addicted to cappuccinos, but they also love fast food. Five cities made the list of ‘most indulgent’. Goulburn, Coffs Harbour, Orange, Armidale and Whyalla. Nobody can resist burgers and fries.

I do have some questions though. The most expensive DoorDash order was 103 pieces of fried chicken from SOL BBQ for $4,700. You could buy a Samsung fridge with a TV on it for that price. Or you could go on two Disney Cruises.

Someone also ordered 40 plates of big brekkie for $3,200 — the equivalent of a drone or a MacBook Pro.

One party animal ordered 30 bottles of vodka, tequila and whisky for $2,300. You could buy a PosturePlus mattress for $2,300, and you’d probably need it after that much alcohol.

Other fun stats include:

  • The shortest distance for a delivery order in Australia in 2022 was 150 metres away. 
  • One in five orders on the coldest day this Winter had a dessert added to the order as an extra.
  • The most ordered food between 12 am and 5 am was the Halal Snack Pack

That’s a wrap! Good to see so many Aussies supporting local restaurants and splurging on fried chicken. We’re looking forward to next year’s trends already!

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