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In what’s starting to feel like a weekly tradition, another popular service — Quora, this time — has indicated it has been the victim of a security breach that may have affected its users. As always, some mixture of your personal details (or login credentials) are potentially in the hands of people who shouldn’t have that information, and you’re going to want to take steps to secure your account and/or online life.


The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) has released their quarterly report into notifiable data breaches. It's important to note this is just the second report made by the OAIC since the Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) scheme came into effect in February this year.


Each year, I read dozens of security reports and almost all come to the same conclusion: the bad guys are getting better at what they do and despite our best efforts, we are barely keeping our heads above water. That’s why this year’s 2017 Ponemon Cost of Data Breach report stood out. The time to detect breaches and the costs for remediation and the impact of data loss are falling.


Password managers are an important part of our online lives. While Apple's Keychain works well enough if you live completely in their walled garden, the reality is most of us need a multi-platform solution. One of those options is OneLogin. And the company has revealed their systems were accessed by unauthorised parties this week.


If you find a cybercriminal has penetrated your organisation's security defences and has entered the corporate network, don't panic. Just because there's an intrusion doesn't mean that data has been stolen just yet. There may still time to stop attackers from getting away with any valuable information assets. Here's why.