Have You Been Impacted By The OneLogin Breach?

Have You Been Impacted By The OneLogin Breach?
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Password managers are an important part of our online lives. While Apple’s Keychain works well enough if you live completely in their walled garden, the reality is most of us need a multi-platform solution. One of those options is OneLogin. And the company has revealed their systems were accessed by unauthorised parties this week.

Alvaro Hoyos, OneLogin’s CISO, said in a brief post that revealed nothing about how the breach occurred or how many users were affected, that the unauthorised access has been blocked, affected users have been notified and given instructions on what to do and that they’ve called the cops.

Breaches are a fact of life today. Any business that holds sensitive information is a target. So it’s hardly surprising that companies like OneLogin are being targetted. What remains to be seen is how well they react to this by keeping their customers informed, remediating the issue and updating their systems and processes to mitigate the risk of future attacks.

Are you a OneLogin user? Were you affected? How do you manage your passwords?


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