Psychopaths Cannot Be Cured – Here’s Why

Psychopaths Cannot Be Cured – Here’s Why

Psychopathy is a personality disorder, not a mental illness. There is no “cure” for psychopaths, and they will never be able to change. If they are in prison, psychopaths can be managed with reward-based treatment – but this is simply a means of control, rather than a cure.

Six Things You Should Know About How Your Brain Learns

Whether you want to learn a new language, learn to cook, take up a musical instrument or just get more out of the books you read, it helps to know how your brain learns. While everyone learns slightly differently, we do have similarities in the way our brains take in…

The Illusory Correlation: A Common Mental Error That Leads To Misguided Thinking

We all use silly logic to help us rationalise a confusing world. Take full moons, for example. For centuries people have been blaming full moons for inexplicable behaviours that coincided with them. But it’s an illusory correlation — we fool ourselves into believing something based on what stands out most…