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While the tech in our smartphones has progressively improved, there's one thing hardware can never defeat - poorly written software. And the one part of your phone most likely to suffer at the hands of a dodgy app is the battery. So, what apps are most likely to send you running to a power outlet or battery pack and what can you do about them?


It's important that you get out there and see the world, but it's equally important that your phone is as ready for your travels as you are. After you've thrown a dart on the map and purchased your plane ticket, try these tips to make sure you're not burning through your smartphone's battery — or data plan — while away.


Love them or hate them, batteries power everything you hold dear, or at least everything inside your phone. You might have a brand new iPhone with a fully charged battery or a dying iPhone 6, whose battery is so degraded it requires a replacement from Apple (at least it's discounted). Sure, all batteries degrade eventually, but you can take some preventative steps to keep them in good health for as long as possible.


Apple's upcoming iOS 11.3 update is bringing a few improvements to its augmented reality software, some new animoji, and, luckily, more granular control over your iPhone's performance. You'll be able to choose for yourself whether or not you want to decrease the performance of your iPhone for the sake of boosting your battery life, overriding Apple's previous and controversial decision to slow down iPhones with degraded batteries, all without the user's knowledge.


Now that Apple's admitted to slowing down iPhones with degraded batteries, you're probably interested in figuring out whether your battery is losing its ability to hold a charge (and whether you should replace it). There are a few ways to do this, either with an app or by waiting a few weeks, when Apple says it will provide customers with more information about their batteries. Still curious in the interim? Here's what to do.


There's nothing good about running out of juice when you're trying to get stuff done and being unable to find a plug to recharge your battery in the meantime. If you work on the go at all, here are some easy tips to extend the life of your laptop's battery, both in a pinch and before you leave the house.


Smartphone battery life sucks and carrying power banks around with you is one way to keep your handset juiced up. But it's easy to forget to bring a power bank or to charge them up to take with you in the first place. This contraption that you can build yourself could be a good alternative to keep your phone charged up, albeit at the expense of your friends' handsets' battery life.


It's an issue that continues to plague smartphone users: short battery life. No matter how many fantastic features a smartphone has or how good it looks, it seems that users are doomed to be a slave to their phone charger. So why do we constantly see innovation in smartphone technology and yet we haven't seen any significant improvements on battery life? This video provides an answer.


At first glance, the LG X Power looks like pretty much every other budget Android phone on the market. However, a glance at the specifications reveals its secret power -- a massive 4100mah battery that reportedly lasts nearly twice as long as high-end phones from the likes of Samsung and Apple. Here are the specs and where to get it.


Unfortunately, computers don't last forever. The most common area of a laptop that generally fails first is the battery. Battery failure can occur at any time and sometimes without warning. Other times you have some pre-warning signs that you can look out for so you can upgrade before your computer becomes unusable. For those who own a laptop, there are ways to find out if your battery needs replacing. Let's take a look at the different signs to watch out for.

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Earlier today, Pokemon GO launched on iOS and Android in Australia, bringing offices and classrooms to a standstill around the country. Unfortunately not all phones are created equal, and this means not all phones will run Pokemon GO. Already heartbroken fans are taking to Twitter and Facebook to express their disappointment. Is the mobile game of the year not working on your phone? Here's why.