Ask LH: How Can I Change Broadband Providers Without Hassle?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m a developer transitioning to working for myself from home, but my Internode ADSL is no longer up to scratch. I used to get 3.5Mpbs, now I’m below 1.5Mbps due to the declining quality of my line which Telstra refuses to fix.

The only way I can get a faster connection is with Telstra cable (no other providers in the area), and in refusing to give them a single cent more than I have to, I’m wanting to keep my ADSL connection with Internode as a backup. However Telstra charge extra for cable if you don’t have the phone line with them ($80 per month) vs if you bundle ($73 per month total). Since I refuse to pay them more just so that they give me less service, I want to transfer my phone line to them, but keep my ADSL with Internode for large background downloads and use my cable for browsing.

I have this feeling, no matter who I talk to on both sides (Internode and Telstra), my ADSL will inevitably get disconnected. How can I ensure Telstra don’t disconnect my Internode ADSL when it makes the switch?

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We can very much sympathise with your position, but ultimately it feels as though you’re going about this to prove a point rather than to actually save yourself time and hassle, or for that matter any money.

Equally, while cable can have its definite ups and downs, we can’t quite see why you’d use cable for browsing and ADSL for downloads; the other way around would make more sense.

Ultimately there’s no easy solution to ensure that your ADSL service remains up and running, although you’re certainly entitled to request that through both Telstra and Internode.

We’d suggest that it might make more sense to shift over to Telstra despite your reservations on as short-term a contract as you can wrangle and see if you genuinely do need both services at once. If you do, then shift the ADSL part back to Internode, and you’ve got both services if required.

Ultimately you’re in a position where your work needs for a fast connection are likely to trump your hatred of Telstra. Also, before anyone chips in with the obvious statement: yes, an effectively rolled out and working NBN would solve for this particular problem, but politics has more or less put paid to that particular solution, unfortunately.


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