Belong’s Plans Now Have More Data, But Still Aren’t Particularly Impressive

Belong’s Plans Now Have More Data, But Still Aren’t Particularly Impressive

Belong is the brand Telstra uses as a no-frills broadband provider — think of it as the month-by-month Jetstar to Telstra’s contract Qantas. The original plans Belong offered were thoroughly underwhelming. Now it has increased its data allowances, but there are still better value plans out there.

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Belong’s $80 a month ADSL plan now offers 500GB (up from 250GB), while its $70 a month plan now offers 100GB, rather than 70GB. Those plans don’t require a contract, but if you do sign up for a 6-month contract, you’ll save $10 a month. Its NBN plan now offers 500GB for $65 a month.

As before, Belong is only available in limited areas. But the bigger restriction is you can still do better elsewhere — especially on that $80 plan. Optus, for example, will give you an unlimited connection for $90 a month. iiNet offers 600GB for $69.95 a month. While the flexibility of month-by-month might be helpful in some cases, other providers offer that too, so shop around carefully.



  • I did some research into this just recently. It’s annoying that you must pay Belong a monthly fee to use their modem – even if you already have one. That’s an extra $10 per month. If you only want a short contract, investigate going with the bigger players (e.g iiNet/Optus) and ask what their cancellation fees are. You may still end up in front.

  • I’m with Belong, and I have never had to pay a monthly fee for the Modem. It was $10 to purchase when signing up, and that’s it.

  • The iiNet $69.95 for 600gb is only if you have an active home phone. On their website for Naked DSL $69.95 offers 300gb.
    As it stands, I think I’m going to end up with TPG $69.95 per month, unlimited internet and includes home phone line rental (even though the home phone won’t be used). Pretty hard to beat, will save us roughly $30 per month from our current setup with only 200gb

  • The difference is their customer service is fantastic.

    Optus on the other hand is absolutely appalling. Hence the reason I went disconnected my service.

    • Belong’s customer service is exceptional. Their plans are quite good too. Compared to my iiNet plan before Belong’s speed is much faster and to top it off month by month no contract for me is a winner.

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