Cleaning Mistakes: 4 Things You’re Doing Wrong Around the House

Cleaning Mistakes: 4 Things You’re Doing Wrong Around the House

If you’ve been following the Lifehacker Australia website for a while, you’ll know that cleaning is a passion point for us. From TikTok trends to expert advice on how to better approach your chores at home, we’re here to help you navigate everyday cleaning tasks with a little more efficiency.

To help with that, we chatted with Kate and Jack Croukamp from TikTok channel @CleanLikeAPro. The Brisbane-based professional cleaners recently teamed up with VIVA Paper Towel to help Aussies learn how to clean smarter, and they shared some of the most common mistakes folks tend to make when cleaning around their homes.

Here’s what they told Lifehacker Australia over email:

4 common cleaning mistakes you’re making at home

Overdoing the bleach

“A powerful cleaner like bleach sometimes seems the best product to reach for as a solution to pristine shower surfaces, but it can actually do more damage than good,” they shared.

“Over time, these potent chemicals can instigate what’s referred to as ‘glass cancer,’ where the glass surface is irreparably marred by etching and pitting. This is triggered by a reaction between the harsh chemicals and the stubborn minerals like calcium clinging onto the surface.”

Instead of always reaching for the bleach, Kate and Jack recommend trying a “gentler routine”.

“A simple post-shower wipe down with a squeegee can work wonders. Not only does this practice ward off unsightly water spots, but it also staves off the accumulation of minerals.”

Using the wrong cleaning tools for spills

“People can be quick to grab the first rag they see and smear a spill all over a surface, without consideration for how you can clean it up more efficiently, to get the best possible results,” they shared.

Making sure you’re choosing the right, absorbent material to wipe up spills with will make a world of difference. Microfiber is super effective here, as are paper towels like those from VIVA.

Cleaning without a plan

If you’re someone who takes a haphazard approach to cleaning, this is for you. Kate and Jack shared that “directional cleaning is key” if you want to stay on top of your tasks.

“A lot of Aussies don’t know where to start when faced with a messy room and can dive in headfirst, with no real plan. This can have a big impact on how well you are cleaning a room. For instance, starting from the bottom up can cause dirt and dust to fall on already cleaned areas, which means you have to go back and clean the same spots you have already cleared,” they said.

They explained that the best approach is always top-to-bottom, “taking time to dust shelves, fans, and fixtures downward to catch falling debris.” Mid-level surfaces like countertops, furniture and doorknobs come next, and floors should always be attacked last.

Forgetting filters

Have you ever looked at your filters? If not, prepare yourself for a rude surprise when you catch a glimpse of the state they’re in. Kate and Jack shared, “It’s easy to overlook the filters in appliances like dishwashers, range hoods, and air conditioning units,” but the truth is “neglecting them can cause appliances to operate inefficiently and eventually fail.”

“Stay on top of maintenance by running a cleaning cycle on these appliances monthly. Use a suitable cleaner or vinegar to keep filters in prime condition and ensure optimal performance. Your appliances will thank you with extended lifespan and efficiency!”

Check out the Clean Like a Pro team at work in the below TikTok:

Lead Image Credit: iStock/TikTok

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