The Burger Bites Are Better at Hungry Jack’s

The Burger Bites Are Better at Hungry Jack’s

We love checking out all the weird and wacky concoctions fast food chains come up with to bolster their menus, and Hungry Jack’s is the latest to cook up something new. The restaurant chain has launched Burger Bites, a snack that makes the “better burgers” into bite-sized pieces.

Hungry Jack’s Burger Bites: What are they?

Hungry Jack’s Burger Bites do pretty much what they say on the tin. The snack pieces capture the essential taste of a juicy Hungry Jack’s burger and put them into a miniaturised form.

When you think of bite-sized burgers, you’re probably visualising something like sliders, but these Burger Bites are actually closer to something like a chicken nugget.

The bites are made up of juicy beef, cheese and ketchup, sealed in a golden crispy coating that is akin to popcorn chicken. As my colleagues said upon learning about this, it feels kind of like the cheeseburger spring roll trend that is very popular (and very delicious) – so we’re willing to give this a go.

hungry jack's burger bites

These new snacks actually follow a trend that Hungry Jack’s had previously established on its menu with Gravy Tatos and Pop’n Chick’n – which were both crowd favourites.

Burger Bites are available in two sizes: a $4.25 Bites Carry Cup that includes 10 bites and a medium serving of chips or a 20 Burger Bites pack for $5.95.

“Hungry Jack’s burgers are known for their iconic, smoky, flame-grilled flavour. We’re excited to introduce a new way for customers to satisfy those big burger cravings in a bite-sized snack, perfect for when you’re on the go,” Marketing Director, Luke Pavan, said in a statement.

There are two more things you should know about these Burger Bites. Firstly, they’re available now nationwide at Hungry Jack’s stores. However, they are only available for a limited time, so don’t wait too long to try them out!

Lead Image Credit: Hungry Jack’s

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