4 Tips for Getting a Better-Value Bunch of Flowers

4 Tips for Getting a Better-Value Bunch of Flowers

It’s the loved-up season, and loads of people are planning their romantic gestures in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day. If that includes flowers for you, you might be wondering how to give that special someone a beautiful bouquet without spending a ridiculous amount. After all, the cost of living sure has made things like shopping for gifts more challenging for many people.

There is no shortage of options for folks looking to shop for Valentine’s Day flowers (we have a whole list for you here), but we chatted quickly with Sarah Regan of Little Flowers about her top tips for better-value bouquets.

Here are the most stand-out suggestions she shared:

How to get a better-value bunch of flowers

  1. Opt for a smaller bunch: It may seem pretty obvious, but if you get a smaller bunch of florals, you’ll pay less — and there are a few businesses around now that offer smaller floral arrangements for a smaller cost. “Often, the most important thing on Valentine’s Day is not actually the size of the flowers; it’s the fact that you’ve been remembered,” Regan shared.
  2. Look for native florals: Local flowers are a good choice for a few reasons. Regan explained that you should “Always look for locally grown, seasonal flowers. Imported flowers are more expensive because the price includes freight and refrigeration costs. We specialise in locally grown, seasonal flowers, but any florist should be able to tell you where their flowers are grown. If they’re in season and grown near you, they’ll last longer, and you’ll get better bang for your buck.”
    If you’re looking for specific choices, Regan shared that “Paper Daisies are a great, affordable option at this time of year. They’re pretty, long-lasting and, as the name suggests, have an amazing paper-like texture. They also make excellent dried flowers, so hang them in a cool, dry place for a couple of weeks, and you’ll have an even longer-lasting memento of your love.”
  3. Plan ahead: While we’re in the final days before Valentine’s Day, if you’re looking for flowers on another occasion, Regan shared it’s worth planning in advance. Sometimes you can nab a better deal by ordering early. “Think about when you order your flowers – you might be able to secure an earlybird discount if you’re organised well in advance,” she said.
  4. Don’t forget flower care: Regan shared that after all the above tips have been followed, it’s important you “make sure the recipient knows how to look after their flowers. Ensure they keep them away from direct sunlight and change the water every couple of days, giving the vase a quick scrub. These things make a huge difference to the longevity (and therefore the value for money) you get from your blooms.”

If you’d like more flower care tips, you can keep reading here. Or, alternatively, you may like to learn about indoor plants and how to choose the right one for yourself or your loved ones instead?

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