5 Hacks That’ll Extend the Life of Your Flowers

5 Hacks That’ll Extend the Life of Your Flowers

There are few things that warm the heart like receiving a bunch of flowers can. It’s a touching gesture that feels very thoughtful, no matter the occasion. The thing with receiving flowers, however, is that the enjoyment is often short-lived.

After a few days, those plant babies will wilt and lose their petals and begin to stink up your kitchen until you dispose of them. Such is life, hey.

Well, we’re here to share that there are a few fairly popular hacks floating around on TikTok right now that are believed to help extend the life of your bunch of blooms. Nick Drewe, trends specialist at WeThrift highlighted five impressive TikTok videos that share clever hacks for keeping your flowers alive for longer.

Check them out below.

How to keep flowers alive longer

Give them a shot of vodka… maybe

The first trend we’re looking at is adding vodka to your flower’s water. There are loads of videos on TikTok stating that this will keep your blooms fresher for longer.

In saying that, Vicky Salmon from Interflora spoke with House Beautiful about this trend with regard to tulips in particular and shared that she doesn’t recommend “using unnatural remedies on any plant as it can significantly reduce the plant’s life by promoting an in-balance in PH levels and stimulating bacteria growth”.

There are florists on TikTok that back the vodka hack, so we’ll leave this one for you to draw your own conclusions on.


Your flowers will thank you ???? #flowerhack #hack #freshflowers #goodtoknow

♬ FRONTIN – Omnily hunnye ????

Keep your flowers thriving longer with a little sprite

You may have heard that adding a teaspoon of sugar to your flower water will give blooms a little boost. Well, this is the same idea. The sprite flower hack has gained a bunch (lol) of attention on TikTok for extending the lives of flowers considerably.


Reply to @taryn.ranae we’ve officially started the Sprite and flowers hack trend on TikTok #fyp

♬ Mia & Sebastian’s Theme – Justin Hurwitz

Vinegar and sugar is an option, too

Another controversial option here, but once again, there are loads of TikTok creators who swear by it. As @homethirty_one demonstrates in the below video, adding vinegar and sugar to your blooms is believed to have antibacterial qualities, which when combined with the sugar is believed to protect/feed the flowers.

In Salmon’s interview with Home Beautiful though she stressed that this, like vodka, can mess with the PH of your flowers. So keep that in mind when testing it out.


How to make your flowers last longer! ????#hack #flowers #foryou #fyp #lifehack #hack

♬ SugarCrash! – ElyOtto

A copper coin may be good for the life of your flowers

TikTok creator and florist, @growersdirectflowers shared their hack for keeping flowers healthy for longer – popping a penny (or any copper coin) in the water.

In the video, @growersdirectflowers shared that doing this kills fungicide. This, according to Salmon, is another hack to be wary of because although copper does have antibacterial qualities, “…leaving pennies in your vase can cause problems as they are often covered in harmful bacteria,” she told the outlet.


Lesson 2: How to make tulips last longer ????✨ #flowers #tulips #florist #weddingtiktok (after time penny makes them go up straight)

♬ telepatía – Kali Uchis

How to keep roses alive longer

If you’ve just been gifted a bunch of roses specifically, TikTok creator @florenovo has shared four tips for extending their lifespan.

  1. Buy fresh flowers to begin with – what you start out with makes a big difference
  2. Clean off foliage from the stems before placing them in the vase. Allowing foliage to go into the water “will cause bacteria,” he shared.
  3. Cut “stems at a very sharp angle”. Cutting the stems straight means the base of them will hit the bottom of the vase, and that impedes their ability to drink water.
  4. Use flower food. If you don’t get any with your bunch, “just put a tablespoon of bleach and a tablespoon of sugar” in the water.

What other tips would you guys like to know? ???? #flowercare #flowertips #roses #exoticflower

♬ Send Me on My Way – Vibe Street

Now that you know some tips on how to care for your flowers well, here are some recommendations on where to buy your next bunch. Enjoy!

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