Is the Scandinavian Sleep Method the Key to Saving Your Sleep (And Marriage)?

Is the Scandinavian Sleep Method the Key to Saving Your Sleep (And Marriage)?

While most people who share a bed with someone else have no trouble sleeping together, countless others face many challenges throughout the night. Snoring, tossing and turning, blanket-hogging and insomnia can deeply affect both party’s sleep and ultimately, take a toll on both the relationship and sleep.

Sure, there are solutions to these issues (namely sleeping in separate rooms) but it turns out, there might be a more practical way to achieve adequate rest. Enter: the Scandinavian Sleep Method. 

Although not a new concept, it has recently gained attention after American content creator Erica Stolman Dowdy, posted a TikTok video detailing how she and her husband have implemented the Scandinavian Sleep Method to help them get better shut-eye and prevent arguments over duvet stealing. 

“Finally converted to the Scandinavian sleep method… and my marriage has never been better,” Dowdy said in the video that has since gained over 6.4 million views at the time of writing. 

The TikTok user came across this method on a trip to Denmark, where she discovered the beds feature a fitted sheet, no top sheet and two small duvets. 

“My husband and I love Copenhagen, we’ve been a bunch of times and every time we go… not once did we sleep with one duvet, it was always two twins,” she continued.

“And we sleep so good, no one’s fighting over the blanket and nobody is too hot or too cold.

“It’s absolutely amazing.”

After returning home from their trip, Dowdy decided to give the couple’s bedroom a “Copenhagen-inspired makeover”. 

“There’s no top sheet, those things are absolutely useless, we’re getting rid of that,” Dowdy said.

“And the most exciting part? We’re going to do the Scandinavian sleep method — it’s absolutely the most comfiest way to sleep.

The TikToker concluded, saying: “It’s an absolute game changer. Ten out of ten recommend it. It could save marriages, bye.”

We spoke with Maxillofacial Surgeon and Sleep Apnea Expert Dr Paul Coceancig, to find out everything there is to know about this technique so you can finally get some decent snooze.

So, what exactly is the Scandinavian Sleep Method? 

“The Scandinavian sleep method involves sleeping in the same bed as your partner but using two individual duvets or blankets rather than a single large queen or king-sized one,” Dr Coceancig tells Lifehacker. “This style of sleep method also takes things one step further, by removing the use of a top sheet.”

What are the benefits?

The key benefits that come with implementing this technique include the following:

Less disruptions

Dr Coceancig notes that studies have shown Scandinavians are one of the most well-slept populations in the world. 

“As this practice eliminates sleep-related interruptions such as movement or temperature fluctuations, individuals may achieve a better quality sleep which in turn improves their overall well-being.”

Choice of your own style of duvet

“Some individuals find comfort in using a heavy, weighted blanket, while others prefer a lighter, thinner option. The advantages of this sleep approach allow each person to select their preferred type of duvet, similar to how we choose our pillows.”

Avoid sleeping in separate rooms

“Many couples resort to sleeping in separate rooms to preserve some good quality shut-eye. The Scandinavian style of sleeping offers an ideal solution for those pesky nighttime annoyances, in turn allowing you and your partner to still share the same bed.”

Are there any disadvantages to the Scandinavian Sleep Method?

Less intimacy

“Sleeping with two separate duvets will remove skin-to-skin contact, which can also help to lower blood pressure and induce relaxation.”

If you find this is affecting your bedroom intimacy, Dr Coceancig recommends cuddling with your partner for at least 15 minutes before switching to your separate duvets and drifting off.

Making the bed requires more effort

“Adding another duvet in the mix means making the bed may take a little longer, but this shouldn’t be a deal breaker if it helps you achieve a better quality sleep.”

In other words, it’s a (very!) small price to pay. 

Is a top sheet essential?

Implementing the Scandinavian Sleep Method obviously means you need to ditch the top sheet otherwise it just won’t work. This brings us to the great top sheet debate, once again. 

So, what’s the final verdict? Is a top sheet essential or not? Well, it all comes down to personal preference. 

“Some people really like top sheets, and they provide an additional thermal layer of air between themselves and their blankets or duvets.”

In Dr Coceancig’s opinion, it’s a bedroom item that isn’t a top priority. “The duvet has its own cover, and washing it regularly like a normal sheet will keep hygiene and warmth to a comfortable maximum.”

Going the extra mile with the Scandinavian Sleep Method

If you’re still struggling to get some shut-eye with your partner despite having separate duvet covers,  Dr Coceancig recommends putting a pillow between the both of you. 

“It stops your arm from accidentally nudging your partner, it limits exactly where your side of the bed lies and it can prevent you from rolling over onto your tummy, which is the worst kind of sleep position,” he explains. 

“Remember, your bed is your palace. You love your partner, but how you both prepare the bed – and give attention to how you can both enjoy it – is going to give you the best sleep and how you both will wake and enjoy the day together that follows.”

Lead Image Credit: Erica Stolman Dowdy/TikTok


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