These Are the Best Soda Makers For Sparkling Water and Fizzy Drinks In Australia

These Are the Best Soda Makers For Sparkling Water and Fizzy Drinks In Australia
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In a world where both the cost of living and temperatures are rising, the humble soda maker is a fantastic household investment. Making your favourite fizzy drinks from tap water at the touch of a button is a life-changing experience.

While everyone knows the brand SodaStream, you might be surprised to find out that it isn’t the only brand of soda maker available in Australia. There are also a variety of soda makers, just to make things more confusing.

But we’re here to help make the decision of buying a sparkling water maker a little easier. Here’s our list of the best soda makers you can get in Australia.

SodaStream E-Terra

Image: SodaStream

This SodaStream model is the latest release from the best-known soda maker brand in Australia. As far as making bubbly drinks goes, the E-Terra is an absolute beast and we’re obsessed:

“The Sodastream E-Terra, like the Sodastream Spirit before it, is my most-used kitchen appliance, and I love it.”

It’s one of the few electric soda makers in Australia because it plugs into a wall socket, while most models are standalone units that house and open and close CO2 canisters manually.

The machine has cool blue lighting that lights up when your water is being injected with bubbles, as well as the ability to simply press one of three buttons for your desired level of carbonation.

The new canisters made for the E-Terra are also more convenient compared to older SodaStream models. They’re called QuickConnet canisters, and instead of having to twist them in, you just pop the canister in so it lines up with the top of the machine and then push it with a lever.

You can buy the SodaStream E-Terra here:

FizzPod Soda Maker

Image: FizzPod

The FizzPod soda maker is a manual soda maker that comes with three bottles. Water in this soda maker can be infused with fruit pieces or a variety of syrups, making it ideal for people who are looking to add some flavour to their soda water. This one also comes in five different colours (black, silver, white, chrome and cognac).

You can get the FizzPod soda maker here:

Philips GoZero Soda Maker

best soda maker
Image: Philips

When it comes to soda makers, there isn’t much to be said for innovation — they essentially just make sparkling water. So when you’re buying one, you definitely want to look for something that gets the job done right — and for the right price.

The Philips GoZero soda maker has three different carbonation settings and doesn’t need electricity to serve up some bubbles. To make the deal even sweeter, it comes in four colours (black, mint, red and white) to match your mood — or home decor.

You can get the Philips GoZero soda maker here:

Aarke Carbonator Pro Sparkling Soda Water Maker

Image: Aarke

The Aarke Carbonator Pro is one of the most expensive soda makers on this list. Besides its stylish design, what makes it different from other soda machines is the lock mechanism that allows you to make a bottle of sparkling water even faster and with one hand. Not that using a soda maker was ever slow and cumbersome, the Carbonator Pro just speeds up the process.

It also comes with a glass bottle that’s dishwasher safe and looks a lot nicer than the traditional plastic bottles that come with soda makers.

You can buy the Aarke Carbonator Pro here:

Monten Sparkling Water Soda Maker

best soda maker
Image: Monten

Monten is one of the best manual soda maker brands in Australia. It’s compatible with most CO2 canister types, and each maker also comes with a 900ml bottle.

The most remarkable thing about the Monten soda machine though, is the way it looks. The stunning design would fit in at a cafe or restaurant, and comes in four colours (black, white, copper, and polished steel).

While we do like a SodaStream, there’s no denying that the Monten is a much more aesthetically pleasing unit. If your priority is a gorgeous kitchen, this is the best-looking soda maker in Australia.

You can buy the Monten soda maker here:

MySoda Woody Sparkling Water Maker

best soda maker
Image: MySoda

This soda maker from MySoda is another simple machine that gets the job done. The difference with the Woody is that it boasts a silent carbonation system, so no more waking up other people when you’re craving a glass of bubbly water in the middle of the night.

It doesn’t need to be connected to a power source either, so it’s portable and can be used as long as you have a canister and a compatible bottle. The MySoda bottles are slightly different from the SodaStream ones, and they can’t be put in the dishwasher either. But the machine itself has a sleek design that will fit in anywhere.

You can get the MySoda Woody here:

Twenty39 Qarbo

best soda maker
Image: Twenty39

Twenty39 are a known brand in the world of carbonated beverage makers, with the Qarbo being its most popular unit. Boasting the ability to make bubbly fruit-infused concoctions, the Qarbo is a great choice for people who are looking to make more than just soda water or Pepsi Max with their soda maker.

The Twenty39 bottles feature wide lids so you can put fruit slices into your water before loading it up with CO2. In addition, the bottle also has markers down the side so you can pour the perfect amount of syrup to make your favourite drinks.

You can buy the Twenty39 Qarbo here:

Philips Sparkling Water Station

best soda maker

If you’re looking for a sparkling water maker with more than one purpose, this Philips water station will be your new best friend. It’s a much bigger machine than a soda maker, but it’s able to do a lot more. The water station can pump out chilled or heated filtered water as well as add carbonation to beverages.

It’s a lot more expensive than a soda-making machine alone, but the added benefits of having a water station — especially if you don’t have one attached to your fridge — are worth it.

You can get the Philips sparkling water station here:

How does a soda maker work?

Image: Twenty39

Put simply, soda makers are water carbonators — devices designed to hold CO2 canisters and add it to beverages when a button is pressed, resulting in a delicious, bubbly drink. Depending on whether you have an electric soda maker or a manual one, the device will work slightly differently.

Electric vs manual soda makers

The main difference between electric soda makers and manual ones is that one needs to be plugged into a power point to work, while the other is a stand-alone unit. Both work the same in terms of being a device for housing and opening CO2 canisters, but electric soda makers often include extra features.

Manual devices are designed so that the longer you hold down the button on your soda maker, the more CO2 is pumped into the bottle, creating a fizzier drink. For electric soda makers, like the SodaStream E-Terra, you’ll just need to press the desired button once, and it’ll hold the canister of CO2 open as long as the button is programmed to do so.

Essentially they do the same thing, but electric ones do it without needing to hold down the button and will add a specific amount of CO2.

What kind of soda machine should you buy?

While it might be hard to pick the best soda maker in Australia, there are heaps to choose from, so what it comes down to is the kind of household you have. If lots of people are using the machine, it’s more economical to get an electric one so it can measure out the amount of CO2 each time without any going to waste. If you live in a household with fewer people, a manual one is a good idea because they’re generally cheaper — especially if you’re buying a generic one.

Other than that, personal preference plays a big part in the kind of soda maker that’s right for you. If you’re happier to spend a little more on a machine that looks good, then the Monten is a great choice. If you’re on a budget, then the MySoda Woody is a great pick.

Lead Image Credit: SodaStream/iStock/chas53

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At Lifehacker, we independently select and write about stuff we love and think you'll like too. We have affiliate and advertising partnerships, which means we may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. BTW – prices are accurate and items in stock at the time of posting.


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