There’s No Such Thing As ‘Hidden’ Netflix Shows

Enough is enough. We’re here to set the record straight on Netflix’s supposed “hidden” library of movies and TV shows that can only be accessed with secret codes. In short, tech blogs have been lying to you – there’s no such thing.

If you spend any time on social media, you’ve probably encountered one of these intriguing headlines before. They promise an Aladdin’s cave of ‘secret’ or ‘hidden’ Netflix content that you need special codes to unlock.

Here’s a small sampling of headlines from the past week alone:

Secret Netflix Codes To Unlock Hidden TV Series, Genres And Movie Categories

Use These Super-Secret Netflix Codes To Unlock Hidden Movies And TV Shows

Secret Netflix Codes That Can Unlock Dozens Of Hidden TV Shows

Secret Netflix Codes That Can Unlock Hidden TV Shows And Films

Secret Netflix Codes Are The Key To Unlocking Movies Galore

Netflix Secret Codes Revealed: Now You can Unlock Dozens Of Hidden TV Shows

Shhhhh! Secret Netflix Codes To Unlock Hidden Movies

Netflix Has Secret Codes That Reveal Hidden Movies

These stories pop up like clockwork at the beginning of every month – often regurgitated by the same media outlet during slow news cycles. If the tip was actually genuine, we wouldn’t blame them.

But here’s the thing: it’s all bullshit. The only thing these “mystery” codes do is repackage Netflix’s existing content into smaller sub-genre lists. Literally every show and movie that the codes ‘reveal’ can be found by scrolling down the front page or clicking on Netflix’s normal genre categories. It’s basically a filter tool.

The headlines above are being deliberately disingenuous – when you combine phrases like “Unlock Hidden Movies” with “Secret Codes” it sounds like you’re getting something that wasn’t there before.

In reality, the codes just make searching for existing titles easier; nothing more. (To add insult to injury, the codes only work on web browsers which is something most of these articles fail to mention. If you watch Netflix through a games console or smart TV you’re out of luck.)

Now before anyone points it out in the comments – yes, I’m aware Lifehacker has also reported on these codes before. But we made sure to stick to the facts with no mention of unlockable hidden shows.

With all that said, the codes are still worth using if you have a penchant for a specific sub-genre like mockumentaries. You can find the full list of codes on the What’s On Netflix website.


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