‘Pass the Sponch, Please’: Marriage Language Is Taking Over TikTok Right Now

‘Pass the Sponch, Please’: Marriage Language Is Taking Over TikTok Right Now

A new ridiculous trend has emerged on TikTok, and it’s quickly becoming an obsession for folks both on the app and off. ‘Marriage language’ is taking over, and if you’ve seen this term floating around of late, we’re here to give you a rundown on what the strange (but hilarious) trend is.

What in the hell is ‘marriage language’ about?

In a nutshell, the marriage language trend on TikTok is an excuse to showcase your silliness on main. Folks are taking to the app to share the ‘language’ they’ve developed over the course of their relationships with their significant others. Refer to eggs as eggies on the regular? That’s part of your marriage language. Got a weird nickname for your dog? Marriage language.

The trend has absolutely taken off, and at the time of writing, TikToks using #marriagelanguage were sitting at 19.7 million views.

TikTok creator @Aubree.harper shared a clip of the language used in the Harper home, with her husband calling waffles ‘fle’ and spinach ‘sponch’.

We told you this thing was stupid.

But if you’ve never had a stupid joke based on naming things incorrectly, you haven’t lived. My siblings and I all refer to our family dog as ‘poop’ (his name is Tyson) in the most affectionate of ways, and I have no explanation for this other than, it is part of our language.

Another TikTok creator @jennichapmanphotography shared her marriage language with her wife, in which they refer to Mac n cheese as ‘magwing cheese’ and laundry detergent as ‘longree soz’.

The trend is a funny look into peoples’ home lives with their partners and the silly ways we get a laugh out of one another every day. I would argue, however, that these ‘languages’ almost always extend beyond married couples (or even romantic partnerships). In fact, most people I know have these kinds of jokes with their siblings or friends as well as their partners – so the name of the trend does unnecessarily exclude other relationship types, but the idea behind it is a whole lot of fun, which you love to see.

Lead image credit: TikTok

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