4 Underrated Features to Look Forward to in iOS 17

4 Underrated Features to Look Forward to in iOS 17

June’s WWDC conference came with a lot of new product announcements from Apple, with the Vision Pro pretty much overshadowing everything else. But amongst all that hype came some pretty neat upgrades on the software side, with iOS 17 set to deliver some very useful updates to iPhone users when it launches on September 19.

Here are some of our favourites in the coming update.

Our favourite new features in iOS 17

Clean up messages

Thanks to 2-factor authentication, our Message apps are often clogged with text chains full of login codes and links. Instead of the hassle of going through and deleting them all after each message, a new iOS 17 setting will allow you to automatically clean up verification codes in Messages and Mail.

This will occur for messages that contain codes that you automatically enter into an app or website using the Autofill feature and will sit under the options in Passwords settings.

Live Voicemail

We all know the dread of an incoming phone call from an unknown number. Is it an emergency call? Is it a scammer? With the new Live Voicemail feature in iOS 17, you’ll be able to find out.

Live Voicemail will allow you to listen or read a transcription of a voicemail as someone is leaving it, meaning you can pick up the call during the message if it is actually important.

Voice notes

We all know someone who loves a voice note. Whether it’s on a dating app, in a text from a friend, or maybe it’s you who can’t be bothered typing everything out, voice notes are a popular new communication format.

Similar to the Live Voicemail feature, iOS 17 can auto-transcribe voice messages, which is useful for recipients who perhaps don’t have the time or quiet space to listen back to the voice note.

Autocorrect improvements

The annoyance of an incorrect autocorrect (oh, the irony) is palpable. No one has ever purposely typed ‘ducking’!!!

That will change in iOS 17 with a new language model for word prediction that will allow machine learning to correct mistakes with greater accuracy. It will also highlight corrected words and allow you to easily revert back to the original word if your device has made an autocorrect mistake.

All this and so much more is coming to Apple’s iOS 17 update for iPhones which dropped this month. Read about those next here.

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