If You Hate Making the Bed, These Sheets Featuring Built-in Straps Are About to Change Your Life

If You Hate Making the Bed, These Sheets Featuring Built-in Straps Are About to Change Your Life
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There’s few things worse than heading to bed and finding out that one of your sheet corners has sprung loose — not once, not twice, but for the third night in a row. It’s usually around this time you’ll then go and try to fix it, only to find that when you do, the other corner simultaneously comes undone, too. It’s a losing battle, I know. However, you’re not alone in it.

Sick of this same pattern happening to them all too often, Queensland brothers, Bill and Ed Ovenden, couldn’t help but wonder why making the bed was so bloody complicated. This led the duo towards co-founding, The Lad Collective, a bedding company dedicated towards making the bed (and our lives) easier.

The Lad Collective specialises in sheets that boast a variety of features that will streamline the bed making process. For starters, each sheet set comes with labelled loops on each corner (e.g. BR = Bottom Right and BL = Bottom Left), which allows you to immediately determine which way that cursed fitted sheet goes.

The Lad Collective bed sheets

The TLC 2.0 Bedding Set, from $105

The bottom sheet also comes with a wider and thicker elastic that will keep it pinned to the bed. After all, if you or your bedmate happens to be a tosser and turner, you probably know all too well how annoying it is to wake up wrapped in your bed sheets like a mummy because your foot’s gotten caught in the elastic.

TLC’s bedding set also comes with invisible zip pillowcases that are better suited to larger pillows and allow easier application. The zip itself not only looks inoffensive, but it makes it near-impossible for your pillow to slip out of its case in the middle of the night.

Now we know some of you don’t really use flat sheets, but for those of you who do – how annoying is it to ensure an even distribution of sheet on each side of the bed? Well, the lads have also kept you flat-sheeters in mind with a thoughtfully-stamped logo in the middle of the blanket, so you can ensure your bed is made up to military standards each and every time.

Aside from those logical features, you’re probably thinking, “Yeah, alright, but how do they feel?” Well, TLC’s 2.0 Bedding Set is made from 60 per cent bamboo and 40 per cent cotton yarn, which is great news for hot sleepers everywhere. Bamboo and cotton are both highly breathable, moisture-wicking and odour-neutralising materials, which is why they’re ideal for sleeping in if you’re prone to night sweats. It also just means they’re soft and buttery to curl up in, so you’ll fall asleep in minutes.

Shop The Lad Collective’s bed sheets below

The Lad Collective has one set on offer at the moment, dubbed The TLC 2.0 Bedding Set. It’s available in five different colours, including a limited edition red set called “Barossa”, like the valley renowned for its wine.

Prices start from $205 for a king single to $260 for a king. Each set include one top sheet, one fitted sheet and up to two pillow cases.

You can check out the range here or below. After all, we all need a little TLC in our lives.


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