What to Expect From Season 3 of Morning Wars

What to Expect From Season 3 of Morning Wars
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Another season of Apple TV+’s Morning Wars (aka The Morning Show) is on the way. Season 2 left things on a pretty interesting note with some big shakeups that have left the wait for Season 3 pretty unbearable.

We now finally have some more information on Season 3 of Morning Wars, including a release date.

What do we know about Morning Wars season 3?

How did Morning Wars Season 2 end?

morning wars
Image: Apple

I’m assuming that if you’re searching for information on Season 3 of Morning Wars, you’ve likely already sped through the previous two seasons. If not, consider this your spoiler warning.

At the end of Morning Wars Season 2, we watched Alex’s struggles with the coronavirus. The Morning Show had been tracking the rise of the virus around the world all season, and so for the finale, we got to watch Jennifer Aniston, who plays Alex, struggle with the infection.

To capitalise on this, the network decided it would be a good idea to show Alex on-air suffering from COVID-19. Chip (Mark Duplass) also decided it was a good idea to willingly put himself in contact with Alex and will now likely also be infected with COVID.

The entire team was sent to work from home until further notice while the world figures out exactly what is going on.

Good old COVID-19 screwed with basically everyone else’s plans, including Cory’s (Billy Crudup) launch of his lacklustre streaming service UBA+. After his event was cancelled, he decided to help Bradley (Reese Witherspoon) seek her missing brother and also decided this was a good time to tell her he was in love with her. She didn’t respond because immediately afterwards, she got a call that her brother had been found.

All season, Bradley had been dealing with being outed over her relationship with Laura Peterson (Julianna Margulies), so this new development makes things quite awkward going into Season 3.

Daniel (Desean Terry) also decided to quit The Morning Show because they were simply not appreciative of his skills. Good for you, man!

Ok, now you’re all caught up, what do we know about Season 3?

Is Morning Wars Season 3 happening?

morning wars
Image: Apple TV

While it was unclear there for a little while, Apple has officially renewed Morning Wars for its third season. The series also received an early Season 4 renewal, so we have more to look forward to after this upcoming batch of episodes.

The third season will be overseen by a new showrunner, Charlotte Stoudt (Homeland, House of Cards), with the previous showrunner, Kerry Ehrin, staying on as a consultant.

Mimi Leder directed all episodes of Season three.

Where will Season 3 go?

morning wars season 3 the morning show
Image: Apple TV

Previously, executive producer Kerry Ehrin told Deadline in an interview that there would likely be a time jump between seasons and that she hopes to explore some character pairings more deeply.

“I definitely want to see more of Bradley and Laura. I feel like Alex has come to a place for the first time since the pilot of accepting who she is and facing her worst fears, and I want to see how the phoenix rises from the ashes for her, and learning how to have a full life and be present and loving.

“I’m curious where the fate of UBA is going. I love the Cory-Stella relationship. I think they are a great story about sort of the transition of the old world and the new world, and I think they’re both just such rich characters, and I’m excited to see how they develop.”

A plot teaser from Apple TV+ gives us a little bit of information about the new season, saying:

This season, the future of the network is thrown into question and loyalties are pushed to the brink when a tech titan takes an interest in UBA. Unexpected alliances form, private truths are weaponised and everyone is forced to confront their core values both in and out of the newsroom.

There’s no trailer just yet, but you can get a tease of the new season in Apple TV+’s promo below.

Morning Wars cast

Morning Wars is lead by a powerhouse cast with Jennifer Aniston (Alex) and Reese Witherspoon (Bradley) serving as stars and executive producers.

Confirmed to return for season 3 are Billy Crudup (Cory), Mark Duplass (Chip), Nestor Carbonell (Yanko), Karen Pittman (Mia), Julianna Margulies (Laura) and Greta Lee (Stella).

New to the show this season is Jon Hamm, who is playing Paul Marks, a corporate titan. Tig Notaro stars as Amanda Robinson, Paul’s chief of staff and Natalie Morales joins as Stella’s best friend from Stanford, Kate Danton.

Nicole Beharie is also new to the show and will star as Christina Hunter, a charismatic and competitive millennial who joins the team as a new anchor.

Stephen Fry, Clive Standen, Alano Miller and Lindsay Duncan also have roles, as per Collider.

Morning Wars Season 3: Release date

There’s been plenty of movement on Morning Wars Season 3 in the past few months, and it now finally has a release date of September 13, 2023. The first two episodes will drop at once, with weekly releases for the remaining eight.

The series will stream on Apple’s subscription service Apple TV+, and that’s also where you can catch up on Seasons 1 and 2 now.

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