The Best Times To Book Flights In Australia [Infographic]

The Best Times To Book Flights In Australia [Infographic]

When booking flights, it’s imperative to get the timing right: with a little planning and foresight it’s possible to save hundreds of dollars. This infographic from travel search engine Skyscanner looks at the best times to book in each Australian state: from the cheapest months to the amount of advance planning you need to secure the best deals.

Skyscanner has released new data showing the best time to book flights to top destinations from Australia in 2016. According to its findings, the cheapest month to travel this year is likely to be November. Interstate travellers should look to book four weeks in advance if they want to land the best deal, while international travellers should book on average 17 weeks before departure. (For US destinations, it’s better to book 28 weeks in advance which can save you an average to 23 per cent.)

“The biggest savings can be found through careful advance planning to destinations further afield, such as China and the US,” Skyscanner explained. “Smart travellers can save about 23% on the average airfare by booking just under seven months before departure.”

You can see the rest of Skyscanner’s findings below:

[Via Skyscanner]


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