4 Useful PS5 Features You May Not Know About

4 Useful PS5 Features You May Not Know About

The PS5 has been with us for almost three years now and I’m still discovering new features on the console. From sorting through a large game library to multitasking, here are some of the most useful settings and underrated features I’ve found on my PS5 recently.

Useful PS5 features you may not know about


ps5 features hidden
Screenshot: PlayStation

While it’s not the homepage customisation many players have been asking for, Sony has recently introduced game lists (aka folders) to the PS5.

By going to your game library, you can navigate to the small folder icon on the side and file your games away. You can then label your folders whatever you like, whether it be your all-time favourites or your pile of shame.

Pinning videos

Everyone is busy these days, sometimes even too busy for gaming. PlayStation knows this, and thus, multitasking is another useful feature on the PS5.

This feature allows you to pin videos to your screen while you play games with a picture-in-picture system. You can pin videos, watch a friend play their game via share screen or watch Game Help clips as you play.

Similarly, you can also stream your own music while you’re playing using the Music tab in the play bar.

Quickly see how many hours you’ve played

ps5 features settings hacks
Screenshot: PlayStation

If you’re curious about how many hours you’ve sunk into a certain game, a small update on PS5 has made this easier than ever.

Where you once may have had to dig into your profile to find your hours played on a game, now you can simply hover over the game in the main screen, and the play time indicator will appear in the bottom right corner.

Access your screenshots easily

Taking screenshots or images in Photo Mode while playing a game is easy enough, but getting them off your PS5 console can be a chore.

Sony makes it easy to upload your images to a social media account, but what if you want to save them to your phone or edit them on a computer?

A simple solution to this is to download the PS App and log in to your PSN account. From there, you can navigate to the Game Library tab and then switch to Captures, and all your recent screenshots will be there for perusal or downloading.

Just be sure to save them within 14 days otherwise, they are automatically cleared.

These are some of the features I’ve recently discovered on the PS5 that I’m loving, but I’m sure there are more I’m yet to discover. Shout out some of your favourites so everyone can check them out.

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