These Are Australia’s Favourite Meals to Cook, According to Hellofresh

These Are Australia’s Favourite Meals to Cook, According to Hellofresh

In Australia, it often feels like we don’t have a specific national ‘cuisine’ that defines us. That’s mainly because we have so many great multicultural flavours available to us here, so you’ll often visit many different countries via your food choices in any given week.

If cooking isn’t really your style, you may have also turned to meal box services like HelloFresh, which offer a range of different cuisines for your weekly food options. To try and nail down exactly what Australia’s favourite meals are, HelloFresh conducted some research resulting in its Taste of the Nation report.

Let’s examine some of the interesting findings.

The top-ranking meals in Australia

The report, which was the result of a March survey sent to 1,000 Australians who cook at least once a fortnight, found that many Aussies think we do, in fact, have a national cuisine, and it must involve these core components:

  • A dish created in Australia
  • Locally sourced ingredients
  • Local native meat e.g. Kangaroo, crocodile, Barramundi

So, going by that logic, the trends report outlines these three meals as Australia’s national favourites:

  1. Fish & Chips (56%)
  2. Roast, aka meat with vegetables (55%)
  3. BBQ (55%)

Who says we don’t have culture?

To get more specific on the ‘roast’ option, 45 per cent of Australian respondents said chicken is their favourite roast meat to cook for a meal, while beef and lamb were both tied in second place. Unsurprisingly, the potato was named the top roast vegetable (they’re so versatile!), and broccoli took out the second spot.

Continuing on the list of favourite meals for Australians are three international dishes, proving we really love our different cuisines – particularly Italian:

  • Pasta (54%)
  • Pizza (52%)
  • Stir-fry (45%)

Fusion is also a growing trend, with at least 60 per cent of Aussies surveyed saying they cook or eat meals that bring together two different cuisines together.

If you’re now feeling the need to cook Australia’s favourite meal, here’s a recipe for healthy fish and chips.

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