Hello, Joe: What to Expect From S4 of Netflix’s Chilling Series, You

Hello, Joe: What to Expect From S4 of Netflix’s Chilling Series, You

Almost as soon as You Season 3 reached our Netflix accounts, there was talk of the fourth instalment of the chilling series. More than a year on, new episodes have officially hit Australian screens, bringing us back into the warped mind of Joe Goldberg.

If you’re keen to explore, here’s everything we know about Season 4 of You.

What is You about?

You is a thriller series from Netflix that follows the story of serial killer Joe Goldberg, who has a tendency to become obsessed with romantic flames.

In a statement, Netflix shared that, “Based on Caroline Kepnes’ best-selling novel of the same name, ‘What would you do for love?’ Joe Goldberg is a man who will do just about anything when love is at stake.”

There are currently three seasons of You live on Netflix (the third having dropped on October 15, 2021).

The synopsis for the series reads as follows:

What would you do for love? For a brilliant male bookstore manager who crosses paths with an aspiring female writer, this question is put to the test. A charming yet awkward crush becomes something even more sinister when the writer becomes the manager’s obsession. Using social media and the internet, he uses every tool at his disposal to become close to her, even going so far as to remove any obstacle –including people — that stands in his way of getting to her.

Season 4 of Netflix’s You: Do we have a trailer?

As soon as Season 3 of You dropped, Netflix released a short video announcing that “YOU Season 4 is in the [body] bag”.

Essentially, the video was a compilation of all the lives touched/ended by Joe’s unhealthy obsessions.

Thanks to Netflix Tudum, we then got a little more detail to work with. The date announcement clip showed Joe introducing us to his new life in another new city – London, this time.

Apparently, he has changed. (Unlikely.)

Most recently, as of January 2023, we got a full trailer for You Season 4, Part 1. The caption Netflix shared with this clip is: “New year, new country, new persona – and yet Joe can’t seem to shake off his past”.

In it, we see Joe interact with his Season 3 love, Marienne, who wants nothing to do with him – seemingly. We also see a new flame enter the story, as well as a new mystery murderer. Interesting.

Who is involved in the next season?

Naturally, Penn Badgley will return as Joe Goldberg in You Season 4. Tati Gabrielle is also confirmed to reprise her role as Marienne Bellamy, and that’s all we really know. The new clip does show off a fair few new faces, you’ll notice.

Netflix shared that full casting updates for You Season 4 will be revealed at a later time. However, the minds behind season 4 of You have been announced.

The series is co-created by Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti, Gamble alsoserves as showrunner.

Developed by Gamble & Berlanti and based on the books You and Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes, season 4 will be produced by Berlanti Productions, and Alloy Entertainment in association with Warner Bros. Television. Berlanti, Gamble, Sarah Schechter, Leslie Morgenstein,

David Madden, Gina Girolamo, John Scott, Neil Reynolds, Michael Foley, and Justin Lo alsoserve as executive producers.

What can we expect from the next chapter?

you season 4

Spoilers from Season 3 of You ahead. 

If you think back to the end of Season 3 of You, Joe has called time on his life as husband to Love and father to Henry. After a particularly tense competition of wits, Joe out-smarted his equally-disturbed wife and murdered her while faking his own death – and framing Love for it (a more suited pair, we’ll never see). Before leaving the country, Joe left their son Henry in the care of his colleague Dante.

When we last see Joe, he is in Paris. We assume this is to follow his obsession from Season 3, Marienne, who he assumes has moved there.

When is Season 4 of You releasing in Australia?

Joe Goldberg returned in Season 4 of You part one on February 9 and part two will drop on March 9. Say goodbye to your social lives, I guess.

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