How to Plan a Valentine’s Date If You’re Stuck in a Rut

How to Plan a Valentine’s Date If You’re Stuck in a Rut

Planning a date for Valentine’s Day is tricky. You want it to be special, but roses and a reservation feels cliché. Stay in and cook dinner together if you want — but if you’re looking to get out and do something a little different this year, we’ve got some ideas to get you started.

(On the other hand, if you DGAF about romance, we have date ideas for you, too.)

Create a date jar: This is a good one if you’re both indecisive — you can do it either as an activity with your partner, or you can surprise them with a jar full of your own ideas. As you can see on this TikTok, you’ll need a jar, some craft sticks, markers, and simple date ideas that you colour-code in a range of categories, such as stay-at-home dates, going out ideas, affordable dates, expensive dates, and planning-required dates.

Let someone else do the entertaining: Why put all the entertainment pressure on yourself when there are plenty of folks out there willing to do it for you? Snag yourself tickets to a comedy or improv club, a local concert, a play or musical, or a basketball game.

Choose fresh air: Winter is often synonymous with being stuck inside — but for one day, you can change that. Go for a hike (bonus points if you bring along a nice picnic); explore the Main Street of a nearby town you’ve never visited; go skiing or snow-tubing; or just set up the fire pit in the backyard and roast marshmallows together.

Gamify your date: If ever there were a day to get playful, Valentine’s Day is probably it. There’s mini-golf, bowling, archery, and axe-throwing, of course. Or if you’re both competitive, challenge them to a game of racquetball at your gym. The loser buys dinner afterwards.

Escape a room — or rage in a room: Escape rooms have been popular for several years (and rightfully so — they’re fun as hell). But if you’ve never heard of a rage room, you’re really missing out. As the name implies, it’s basically a room where you get to destroy everything in sight. If you’re comfortable with your partner seeing you at peak stress-relieving rage, this could be a good time.

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