Gaze Upon This Weed-Killing Robot, Saviour of Our Lawns

Gaze Upon This Weed-Killing Robot, Saviour of Our Lawns

Why did we invent robots if not to fulfil tasks we do not want to do? And who really likes weeding their lawn? Nobody, hence a weeding robot has been invented and we’d like to politely request it makes its way to Australia ASAP.

Unveiled at this year’s CES, aka the place where all cool new tech gadgets live, Dandy Technology’s Dandy DT-01 and DT-01XL robots are built to eradicate weeds.

The Dandy is described as the “only consumer lawn care robot designed to eliminate weeds while saving time and money”. Sounds good to us!

In order to identify and eliminate weeds, Dandy uses AI and visual processing to identify common weeds amongst the grass, apparently with 95% accuracy. It then sprays said weeds with a dose of herbicide.

The robots also limit the impact of herbicides on the environment through an efficient spot treatment process. This method reduces herbicide usage by 90% which is better for us, the grass and our pets.

The robots come in two iterations the DT-01 and the DT-01XL for different-sized lawns. They’re small little yellow guys with durable bumpers and advanced sensors for navigation.

Kind of like a robot vacuum, the lawn bots are completely wireless and are set up via a free Dandy Robot app. They use GPS to draw lawn boundaries on a virtual map and will return to a home base when they’ve finished their run.

The DT-01 can spray up to 1000 weeds before requiring a refill while the XL has a larger 1.2L reservoir that attacks up to 2,700 weeds. The smaller robot is priced at $US699 and the XL is set at $US799.

The robots can be purchased online at Dandy Technology, but bear in mind they are only available in the U.S. right now.

We can only hope that if Dandy has a successful run overseas the little weed-whacking robots will make their way to Australia too. We’re coming off our third La Niña, our lawns could use the help!

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