Kill Broadleaf Weeds With Vodka To Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

Kill Broadleaf Weeds with Vodka to Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

Broadleaf weeds like dandelions and plantain weeds can spring up all over the place. If you don't want to spray them with the chemical-filled sprays, some cheap vodka will do the trick.

Photo by Randi Hausken

Most herbicides you can buy will contain levels of toxic chemicals that can be kind of nasty around kids and pets. For a cheap alternative, the web site Do It Yourself recommends regular old vodka.

Buy the cheap stuff and fill up a decent spray bottle. When it's sunny outside, give each weed a couple of squirts and it will start to shrivel up and die. Of course, this will kill grass too, so don't go spraying this all over your lawn.

How to Get Rid of Weeds with Vodka [Do It Yourself]


    White vinegar will do exactly the same thing and be a lot less expensive than vodka!

    Cheapest Vodka at Dan Murphy's $29.32/Liter

    RoundUp from Bunnings, $17.57/Liter

    Now if we fill a 0.5L sprayer to do some spraying in the backyard that comes to:

    $14.66 worth of vodka


    87.85 cents worth of RoundUp at the recommended 1% solution.

    I think I'll Stick with the herbicide thanks.

    im pretty sure vodka is "chemical filled" also, as we all know "everything is chemicals" (thanks Tim Minchin!) - plus distilled vodka, whilst made from grain (perhaps) doesnt resemble anything natural by the time is makes it to the shop...

    I dispute the "most herbicides you can buy will contain levels of toxic chemicals" line.

    Glyphosphate (found in Roundup and most other herbicides) is actually not particularly harmful if used properly. I'm not advocating guzzling the stuff down, but by comparison to a lot of other "chemicals" in the house/garden, it's way down the list of potential hazards.

    Besides, pretty much any "chemical" can be "toxic" at the right "level" ... including water (

      Ahh the dreaded dihydrogen monoxide.

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