The Gadgets From CES 2021 That Will Make Your Life Easier

The Gadgets From CES 2021 That Will Make Your Life Easier

Another CES tech conference has been and gone and there were plenty of new gadgets that caught our attention. Along with a slew of new laptops and TVs there was also a bunch of new innovations in the home and fitness space and plenty of devices that should provide an upgrade to everyday life.

Read on for some of the best announcements from CES 2021 that will hopefully make our lives a little bit easier in future.

LG’s Self-Emptying Vacuum

It doesn’t get much better than a vacuum that empties self. LG’s CordZeroThinQ Handstick is cordless vacuum with an automated dust removal system. When docked the vacuum will automatically empty its dustbin container into a rubbish bag within the charging station.

The vacuum also has interchangeable nozzles that allow it to be both a vacuum and a mop. One vacuum can do it all!

Samsung’s Bot Handy Robot

Sorry did I say it couldn’t get much better? I lied because Samsung has a robot that will literally pour your wine for you. The Samsung Bot Handy robot uses AI to recognise different objects and can then pick them up. Check out the full promo video to see the bot stack dishes in the dishwasher, set the table and pour that fabled glass of wine.

Tatch Sleep Kit

tatch sleep gadget
Image: Tatch

The Tatch sleep sensor wirelessly monitors the quality of your sleep and then tells you how your night went. Users attach it to their stomach or chest and it will monitor respiration, snoring and restfulness throughout the night. It can then give you insight and suggestions for how to get a better night’s rest based on this data.

Kohler Stillness Bath

kohler stillness bath
Image: Kohler

This is a next-level bath experience. The Kohler Stillness Bath is equipped with mood lighting, an aromatherapy tower, voice control and it even generates its own fog. Also instead of filling from the tap, the bath will submerge you from the base of the tub and then overflow into a purpose build drain that surrounds it. Think an infinity pool, but a bath.

As the peak of luxury, this bath will set you back around $21,000 AUD, if it even comes to Australia, but that is the price of a good bath apparently.

NordicTrack Vault Mirror

For those enjoying the home gym experience, NordicTrack has come up with a mirror that also acts as a screen to display workouts. As you can see in the above video, virtual personal trainers will walk you through a workout while the mirror allows you to watch your form. The mirror also acts as a door for a literal vault, within which you can store dumbbells, fitness bands and other accessories for your workouts.

ColdSnap Ice Cream Maker

To add to the plethora of gadgets cluttering your kitchen counter, the ColdSnap will bless you with frozen treats on-demand. Soft-serve, frozen yoghurt, smoothies and cocktails are all on the menu, making this the perfect gadget for hot summer days. The machine uses a pod system, although the pods are larger than your typical espresso and are more similar to the size of a can of Red Bull.

Samsung Jetbot Auto Vac

The other major robot that Samsung debuted was its next level robovac. The Samsung JetBot 90 AI+ uses 3D and LiDAR sensors to sense objects and map your home. Unlike the robovacs that choose to repeatedly bump into every piece of furniture they see, the JetBot uses its powerful scanner to maneuver objects and still pick up dirt. At the end of its cycle, it will empty its load into the docking station, making for an easy cleanup. You can also track the robot’s progress on an accompanying app where it will highlight messes that need your attention.

Xenoma e-Skin Muscle Suit

Adding to the home gym, Xenoma’s e-Skin EMStyle suit packs a bodysuit full of electrodes to stimulate your muscles while you work out. According to the website, you’ll gain a full body workout from just 20 minutes of exercise. It also connects to an app for further insight into your fitness and is machine washable.

New TVs

sony bravia tv
Image: Sony

It wouldn’t be a tech conference without a plethora of new TVs. Each of the major brands brought their best to the table with new evo OLED’s from LG along with a transparent display that is designed to sit at the foot of your bed.

Sony brought out a new range of Bravia XR televisions with a cognitive processor designed to automatically improve sound and picture at focal points in a program. Samsung offered a range of new Micro LED TVs including a massive 110-inch option that offers a four-way split screen. Hisense also announced a range of IMAX enhanced ULED TVs.

So it seems choosing a new TV is just as difficult as it always has been.

Note: Stay tuned for local Australian pricing and availability of these products.


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