How to Move All Your Passwords Out of LastPass

How to Move All Your Passwords Out of LastPass

Passwords are possibly the most vital pieces of information out there today. It’s important to keep them safe which is why if you choose to use a password manager, you’ll want to pick the right one. Some users may be concerned after LastPass disclosed more details about its recent data breach, so if you’re looking to move your passwords out of there, rest assured there’s a way.

I recently went through this process myself after LastPass revealed that a security incident in August 2022 allowed unauthorised parties to access a bunch of important info, including customer vault data. While the company reassured everyone no Master Passwords had been accessed, it’s enough to make anyone nervous.

Hence, I underwent what I expected to be an arduous process of transferring all my passwords elsewhere. But as it turns out LastPass makes this relatively easy.

How to export your information from LastPass

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LastPass allows users to export their vault data as a CSV file, which can be opened in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, or an XML file.

To start this process you’ll want to log in to LastPass on your browser. From there select Advanced Options and Export. You’ll need to enter your master password and then select Continue.

LastPass will then send you a verification email that you’ll need to accept in order to verify the export. From there return to your vault and click through to Export again where you should be able to click through to a page that reads Submit.

For those using the LastPass app, you’ll want to go to Account > Fix a problem yourself > export vault items.

The subsequent CSV file won’t be encrypted (there are extra steps for that) so ensure you secure it properly if you’re saving it locally.

From there you can use your export file to import the passwords into another password manager, or save them somewhere else securely for future reference. Alternatively, start again and delete them from the face of the Earth.

If you’re using a different password manager and are looking to export your data you may want to consult this guide.

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