Ditch These Driving Habits if You Want to Avoid Fines

Ditch These Driving Habits if You Want to Avoid Fines

Driving is an everyday activity for many of us, but how many can claim to know every single road rule – particularly in different states and territories? As it turns out, there are some odd rules out there, and it’s easy to be caught out by them. To help you avoid a surprise fine, we’re going to run down some of the common driving mistakes you’re really better off avoiding.

Common driving habits that could get you fined in Australia

Friendly beeping

We have car horns for a reason, but not all those reasons are legal. Case in point, a friendly beep to say farewell to friends or family as you drive off is apparently not a good enough reason to use your car horn.

You should only sound your horn to warn other vehicles or animals of your approach. Any other reason could warrant a significant fine, starting at $344 in NSW and going up to thousands of dollars in some areas like the ACT.


Littering at any time, whether in public or while driving, is never ok. But if you decide to dispose of something potentially hazardous out your car window, it could net you a $575 fine and two demerit points in states like QLD.

Proceeding before a pedestrian has left a crossing

Even though you’ve stopped for a pedestrian crossing, it can be tempting to keep driving after they’re out of the way of your vehicle. At children’s crossing it’s mandatory to stop until all pedestrians have completely exited the crossing. Otherwise, you could cop a $365 fine in Queensland and three demerit points.

Using your mobile phone to pay at a drive-through

Using your mobile phone while driving is a big no in any state or territory. Fines for even touching your phone while driving cost hundreds of dollars.

That’s worth being conscious of in the simplest of day-to-day activities, like trying to pay for something at a drive-through. In order to avoid a fine, you need to have your engine switched off and your handbrake on before using your mobile phone. Best to stick to a card payment at the drive-through then.

Splashing pedestrians

It might seem like a fun prank to drive through a curbside puddle and splash those walking on the sidewalk while you remain safe and dry in your car, but in NSW, this is actually considered illegal.

NSW officials can issue a fine if you’re caught splashing water or mud on pedestrians while they are waiting at a bus stop. It’s also just a jerk move.

Do you know of any other obscure driving rules or habits that others should be aware of? Let us know in the comments.

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