10 Common Driving Distractions You Need To Avoid

10 Common Driving Distractions You Need To Avoid
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Alongside alcohol and speeding, ‘driver distraction’ is one of the key causes of roadside crashes and fatalities. If you regularly scoff Big Macs, apply makeup and text while driving, you are a vehicular menace who needs a stern talking to. (Especially if you do all three at the same time.) Here are ten habits that we all need to stop doing behind the wheel.

This infographic from car insurance provider Allianz breaks down some of the most common distractions that plague everyday motorists. Fair warning: it is bizarrely fixated on the effect of attractive women on male drivers (what’s with that?)

Nevertheless, the graphic still contains some useful information, including ten common forms of distraction to watch out for, the increased risk posed by smartphone use and the world’s worst drivers.

What’s most likely to distract you when on the road? Tell us in the comments!

[Via Allianz]


  • I love the common forms of distraction bit which says avoid looking out the window 0_o

    I know what they’re trying to say but it’s badly worded. While on that subject though, it does raise the issue of advertising and whether there should be a bigger push to remove billboards and advertising from the roadside. If it’s considered to be a big contributor to distraction and therefore accidents then surely there would be grounds for people to sue the companies who advertise on the boards, the companies who rent the board space and the council/govt who allow advertising in the first place?

    As for the distracted by beautiful women (what about women distracted by hot guys?) does that just mean women outside the car or sitting in the car?

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