Secret Santa Gifts Under $25 That Anyone and Everyone Will Love

Secret Santa Gifts Under $25 That Anyone and Everyone Will Love
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I don’t know about you, but sometimes Christmas is not the most wonderful time of the year. Let me set the scene: you’re a week out from finishing work, and your boss reveals the all-anxiety-inducing Secret Santa gift hat.

Of course, you then pull out Frank from accounts, with whom you shared small talk with once back in 2019 while making a coffee in the lunch room. What on earth do you buy him? Then there’s that aunty who always gets you the same body lotion set year after year, so it’d be a Christmas felony at this point not to get her something, too.

Sound familiar? Well, we know the struggle. That’s why we’ve decided to do the dirty work for you and round-up 24 secret Santa gifts that’ll cater for just about anyone you pull out of that Secret Santa hat.

If you’ve got sustainability on the brain, according to The Body Shop’s Conscious Christmas report, an estimated 1.5 million gifts will be bought knowing they’ll be thrown away. So, if you want to make sure your gift doesn’t end up in the statistics, this is the perfect place to start.

The suggestions below range from beauty, tech, gaming and audio to fashion and more, so there’s guaranteed something for all interests. Bonus points because most of these gifts also double up as great stocking stuffers. The best part, they all come in at under $25 each, meaning you won’t have to break the bank to do it.

The Best Secret Santa Gifts Under $25

Mermade Velcro Roller Kit and Clips, $19

If your KK has been talking about Matilda Djerf’s iconic blowouts for a while now, these Mermade rollers (that come with the styling clips to hold them in place) are an absolute go, my friends.

Mermade Travel Shampoo and Conditioner Set, $15

If you’ve got any room left in the budget, this little travel hair kit is perfect for taking on a road trip or short holiday. Bonus points for being formulated to help keep your styles in place all night long.

iPhone Desk Stand, $12.99

Compatible with most of the latest iPhone models, this iPhone desk stand is one of those items you don’t know you need until you actually get one. Not only is it perfect for propping up your online recipes while cooking, but it allows you to go hands-free when you’re watching videos or on FaceTime.

Silicone Airpod Case, $18.99 

No one wants grotty AirPods (especially considering they cost a fortune), so treat your KK to this silicone matte Airpod case. They’ll thank you later.

Tweak Cosmetica Anti-Frizz Styler Wand, $23.95

This product is a godsend if you (or your gift recipient) is looking to nail the slick-back trend. Not only does it keep the flyaways at bay, but it won’t make your clean, fresh hair crunchy or crusty. It’s also small and light enough to fit in your purse or pocket for slicking on the go.

Phone Tripod, $29.99

You don’t need to be an Instagram influencer to enjoy this nifty little phone tripod set that comes complete with a Bluetooth remote control. Compatible with most of the latest iPhone and android models, you (or your KK) will have the best holiday happy snaps on the block.

LED Book Light, $19.98

For all your book-lover friends, I guarantee this will be the best present they receive this Christmas. Why? There’s nothing better than getting comfortable with a book before bed (and not having to turn the entire room light on).

Makeup Brush Cleaner Mat, $20.76

I’m the worst when it comes to washing my makeup brushes, and I think part of that comes down to the fact I’m way too lazy to sit there and individually clean every single one. This brush-cleaning mat eliminates some (if not most) of the effort required, and it’s also satisfying as hell.

Sunset Projection Lamp, $14.76

These TikTok famous sunset lamps will give your room the golden hour effect any time of the day. Perfect for the selfie queens in your life. They also set the ambience for pre-bedtime relaxation.

Makeup Beauty Blender Set, $12.99

My beauty blenders always make a habit out of getting mouldy after a couple of months, so it’s never a bad idea to stock up on a few extras.

Microwave Popcorn Popper, $22.85

Say goodbye to buying those overpriced microwave popcorn bags at the supermarket or getting out that bulky popcorn maker (that never gets the salt and butter ratios right anyway) with this handy essential that allows you to cook your kernels in the microwave. Tis’ the season for Christmas movies and popcorn, after all.

These Cards Will Get You Drunk Drinking Game, $22.39

Because everybody loves a drinking game.

1MORE Earphones, $13.99 

secret santa

I don’t care what anyone says, but Bella Hadid has reclaimed the wired earphone trend, so for all the girlies out there, these should be on the top of your Y2K resurgence wish list.

Silicone iPhone Case, $23.99

With all the Christmas shenanigans coming up, it’s in everyone’s best interests to chuck on a phone case. We don’t want the night to end in shatters.

Glam Raider Triangle Powder Puff, $12

If you want to level up your KK’s makeup game and give them the secret to an airbrushed, seamless finish every time. This is the gift, y’all.

Campos Superior Blend – Festive, $15.95

Offering a caramelly and rich blend that’s sweet like Butterscotch and incorporates flavours like red fruit and apricot, this Campos bean blend is perfect for any coffee lover in your life.

2022 Planner, $15

I don’t know if this is peak adulthood talking or just my addiction to stationary, but a nice yearly planner is the type of gift I dream about receiving.

Simpeak Wrist Rest Set, $19.98 

secret santa gifts

Sometimes practical is the best way to go, which is why these wrist rests are great for that co-worker that’s always complaining about their sore wrist joints at the desk.

Bodum Coffee Maker, $24.95 

secret santa gifts

This one’s for Frank from accounts because our brief small talk while making coffee tells me he’d get some great use out of this bad boy.

Glass Tumbler, $21.76

secret santa gifts

As summer rolls around, I’m swapping my almond lattes for iced almond lattes. Therefore a reusable tumbler is absolutely essential. I’m sure your KK recipient might be in the same boat.

Kodak Disposable Film Camera, $22

secret santa gifts

While summer is peak iced latte season, it’s also peak road trip and holiday season, so jump on the film resurgence and get your KK a gift that will last a lifetime. I guarantee you’ll see their film dump on Instagram by January.

Essie Nail Polish, $13.46

secret santa gifts

This is more a stocking stuffer than a stand-alone present, but who would say no to a classy deep red mani?

Cocktail Shaker Kit, $22.95

Whoever is graced with this awesome cocktail shaker set for Christmas now has to host all the dinner parties. I don’t make the rules.

English Tea Shop Gift Pack, $16.95

secret santa gifts

If your Secret Santa recipient isn’t a glorified coffee drinker, this assortment of 48 tea bags will go down a treat instead. Flavours range from English Breakfast to peppermint and berry.

There you have it, 20 secret Santa gifts that we can assure you will impress just about anyone this silly season. Just a note, be sure to double-check shipping and arrival times before clicking purchase – the only thing worse than having to buy a kris kringle present is one that doesn’t arrive on time.

Happy KK shopping!


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