The Best Makeup Brush Kits for Every Budget and Skill Level

The Best Makeup Brush Kits for Every Budget and Skill Level
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As someone who has exclusively used their fingers to apply their makeup for far too long, I figured it was time to get myself some actual makeup brushes. If, like me, you haven’t already invested in some decent makeup brushes, take this as a sign, my friends. We’re glowing up.

Why should you use makeup brushes?

Anyone and everyone in the beauty world will tell you that using high-quality brushes allows for a level of effortless precision that blending sponges (or your fingers) just can’t achieve. They’ll also tell you that you’ll get way more out of your beauty products because brushes won’t absorb as much product as your blender or fingers would. So while investing in a good set of brushes might seem exxy in the short term, in the long run, you’ll basically get your money’s worth.

Do you need a brush for everything?

Getting yourself set up with the right set of brushes sounds way easier than it looks. The minute you start scrolling through online retailers like Sephora and Mecca, you realise there is a brush for literally everything. That and not all of them are made equal. The bristle fibres, the shape and the length, are all factors in what and how the brush helps you apply your makeup.

Yep, this means you can’t just use one or two brushes for your whole face. Each area of the face — eyes, cheeks, brows, base — has a brush specifically designed for that part and product.

For the purpose of ease (and budget), we’ve rounded up some of the best brush kits you can buy online for every budget and skill level.

The best makeup brush kits in Australia

Best everyday makeup brush set: Zoeva Classic Brush Set

This eight-piece set from Zoeva is the perfect everyday brush kit. It comes with a highlighter brush, a stippling brush, a cream cheek brush, a concealer buffer, a soft definer, a crease brush, a pencil brush and a winged liner brush, as well as a cute black clutch to store them in.

You can buy the Zoeva Classic Brush Set ($140) here.

Best drugstore makeup brushes: Real Techniques Everyday Essentials

makeup brushes

If you’re relatively minimal with your makeup but prefer to use more than just your fingers, try the Real Techniques Everyday Essentials Brush Kit. It comes with four different brushes and a miracle complexion sponge that you can use for foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter, setting powder and eye shadow.

You can buy the Real Techniques Everyday Essentials Brush Kit ($22.07) here.

Best cheap makeup brushes: BEAKEY Makeup Brush Set

Considering the price point, this 10-piece brush set is pretty decent quality. It contains a range of different bristle shapes and sizes that you can use for blending eye shadow, concealer, blusher, foundation, loose powders and highlighter.

You can buy the BEAKEY Brush Set ($15.99) here.

Best professional makeup brushes: Rae Morris Personal Set

Anyone who loves beauty knows that Rae Morris’ brushes are to die for. They’re top-tier, and if you’re serious about makeup, a very worthy investment. While it is on the more expensive side, Rae Morris herself has personally selected this brush set. Each brush has been meticulously crafted from micro crystal fibre and shape memory technology for the most effortless makeup applications imaginable.

You can buy the Rae Morris Personal Set ($579) here.

Best vegan makeup brushes: EcoTools, Start The Day Beautifully Brush Set

It’s easy to see why it’s a best seller. Start with the basics with this five-piece vegan brush set from EcoTools. The collection includes a variety of brushes to achieve an everyday look, including a powder/blush brush, a concealer brush, a foundation brush, an eye shadow brush, an angled liner brush and a tin to keep them all in.

You can buy the EcoTools, Start The Day Beautifully Brush Set ($19.57) here.

Best makeup brushes for eyeshadow: Stigma Beauty Basic Eyes Brush Kit

makeup brushes

This brush set from Stigma is all about the eyes. Each brush has its own unique role for the eyes, everything from blending the eye shadow and softening liner along your lash line to a quick wash over the lids and a highlight on the brow bone.

You can buy the Stigma Beauty Basic Eyes Brush Kit ($132) here.

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