How to Recreate Your Favourite Netflix Shows at Home Using Only IKEA Furniture

How to Recreate Your Favourite Netflix Shows at Home Using Only IKEA Furniture

Whether it’s the lavish ballrooms of The Crown or the creepy halls of Wednesday, Netflix has been responsible for bringing us some of the most immersive locations and set designs in history. Really, their art department deserves a raise. If you’ve ever wanted to recreate the vibe of your favourite Netflix show at home, an interior designer has come through with some tips on how to do just that.

How to turn your home into your favourite Netflix show

Lau Wlasenkov (via Angi) has come up with a number of ways you can capture the interior design of some of Netflix’s top shows at home using IKEA furniture.

Keep in mind when looking through this list that not all items will be available at all stores, but you get the idea regardless – you can recreate these rooms with just a little creativity!

The Queen’s Gambit living room

queens gambit netflix interior design
Queen’s Gambit living room recreated on a budget (Image: Angi)

The Queen’s Gambit, starring Anya Taylor Joy, takes place in mid-century suburban America, with an array of bold colours and patterns.

Wlasenkov suggests using mid-century colour palettes that use bright hues and warm earthy tones to capture the 1950s/1960s vibe. Adding some abstract art and accent wallpapers can also add to the quirky aesthetic.

Using items from IKEA, you might want to consider these pieces:

Russian Doll kitchen

netflix interior home design russian doll
Russian Doll kitchen recreated on a budget (Image: Angi)

We’ve all arrived at Maxine’s house time and time again after an untimely death with Nadia in Russian Doll. If you enjoyed that kitchen so much you’d endure an endless time loop to return to it, here’s how you can recreate it at home.

Wlasenkov recommends building this look around a kitchen island or breakfast bar and pairing it with natural elements like exposed bricks, stone or concrete floors. Neutral colours work best here, as do industrial light fittings.

Here are some suggested pieces from IKEA:

Ozark dining room

ozark netflix interior home decorating
Ozark living room recreated on a budget (Image: Angi)

Ozark’s iconic lake house has seen plenty of drama, but there’s no doubt it’s looked good all the while. If you’re keen to recreate this room in your home, you’ll want to embrace the open-plan aesthetic.

For this one, Wlasenkov says that despite it being an open floor plan, you’ll still want to determine a purpose for your space and build your items around that. You can create zones within the room using sectional rugs or room dividers and then add large furniture items to break up the gaps. Natural light is also key for the Ozark feel.

Here are some recommended IKEA items to help bring your Ozark room to life:

For more tips on recreating Netflix interior design choices at home (including for shows like Dynasty and Sex Education), check out all the tips on Angi.

If you’re after some regular home styling tips or just some recommendations for more Netflix shows, we’ve got you covered on both fronts.

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