This Hack Will Tell You the Salary Range of a Job When It’s Hidden

This Hack Will Tell You the Salary Range of a Job When It’s Hidden

One of the most frustrating things about looking for a new gig is when you find a job ad that piques your interest, but it has no indication of the kind of salary it comes with. Because when it comes down to it, if the salary does not fit your needs or expectations, no matter how sweet the job sounds, the role is not going to be a fit.

Seeing job ads without salary ranges listed is annoying as hell because it widens the chance of you wasting your time on a position that may not work for you. And job hunting is time-consuming as it is. No one wants to put the effort (not to mention hope) into applying and interviewing for a position just to find out it doesn’t pay well.

Well, there’s a hack that may help. The financial pros behind Girls That Invest have shared a neat tip that can help you figure out the salary range of certain jobs – even if the recruiter hasn’t listed it in the job ad.

How to find out the salary range of a job ad

In a video shared to Instagram, the Girls That Invest team explained that you can “literally figure out how much a company is paying if they’re not telling you”.

The hack is incredibly easy, too. All you need to do is take a job ad (we find this tends to work best with Seek job ads, but try it with whatever you see) and copy the URL for the listing.

From here, you simply need to visit the website, paste in the job ad URL and click ‘Fetch’. This will then bring up a salary range for the advertised role. It should give you the minimum and maximum salary figures the recruiter has listed for the role – which means you know what numbers you’re working with.

Girls That Invest also gave the solid advice that you should, of course, “go for the higher number”.

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