Here’s Where the Rules Around Face Masks Currently Stand in Australia

Here’s Where the Rules Around Face Masks Currently Stand in Australia

Wearing a face mask has become a pretty common practice over the past couple of years, but just as quickly it’s becoming scarce. As COVID restrictions have eased around the world, it’s less common to see masks on faces – even though it’s still proven to protect you from a virus that is still very rampant. So where exactly do the rules say you still have to wear a face mask?

Do you have to wear a mask on flights in Australia?

Masks in airport terminals and on flights have been a requirement for over two years now, but that’s starting to change.

The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPCC) recommended that masks no longer be mandated in airport terminals from as early as June 17. This means we’ll likely see the mandate dropped in the coming days.

As for flights, wearing masks during your domestic flight in Australia is still mandatory.

Qantas has announced that it will be removing the requirement for mask-wearing on some international flights to reflect the rules of the destination. This will likely include flights to the US, UK and Europe.

What about on public transport?

Believe it or not but face masks are still mandatory on public transport in most Australian states.

Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, ACT, Queensland and Tasmania still require masks to be worn on public transport services.

Many of these states also require masks to be worn in ridesharing services including taxis and Ubers.

Are there face mask rules in high-risk venues?

It’s still mandatory to wear a face mask in high-risk venues such as hospitals, healthcare and aged care facilities around Australia.

New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and the ACT all enforce this rule.

As you can see, masks are not a thing of the past yet (and may never be), so make sure you’ve still got a few handy.

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