Where to Find That Crying Face Filter, so You Can Terrorise Your Mates

Where to Find That Crying Face Filter, so You Can Terrorise Your Mates
Image: Snapchat

If you’ve spent time on social media lately you’ll no doubt have come across videos of people crying. While having a breakdown on social media isn’t exactly rare, many of these videos are actually the result of a crying face filter – rather than the state of the world right now.

Before you roll your eyes and scoff, there are numbers to prove just how much the crying lens is having an impact. The data shows that over 180 million users on Snapchat have tried the crying lens, over 1.3 billion times. That’s a lot of virtual tears.

If you want to jump on the bandwagon we’re going to explain how you can find this crying filter.

How to use the crying face filter

Contrary to popular opinion, the crying face filter you’ve been seeing around the place more often than not will come from Snapchat. The filter has apparently been viewed over 100 million times on other platforms, but the lens itself can be found in the Snapchat app.

Once you’re in the app, all you have to do to find the lens is browse the filters on the camera page (tap on the little face emoji on the right-hand side) and then scroll until you see the crying face.

snapchat crying face filter
Screenshot: Snapchat

Alternatively, try it out by following this link.

From there, it’s fake tears all around.

Is the filter on other social media platforms?

Many users will save their Snapchat videos and upload them to other platforms, so that’s probably why you’ve seen the crying face on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

Some other social platforms have tried to replicate this effect (with varying results) so you can try those out if you don’t have Snapchat, but you won’t get the same face this way.

To find crying filters on TikTok, open the camera and then tap effects. If you don’t see a crying effect in the list you can use the search function to find one.

Similarly on Instagram, when uploading a story you can choose to browse effects and then search for ‘crying’.

Some of these filters are truly terrifying. You’ve been warned.

If you’d rather use Snapchat’s crying lens on other platforms (it looks the best in our opinion), you can do so by taking a video or picture in the Snapchat app and then saving it to your camera roll. From there, upload it to your platform of choice.

Now go forth and make everyone around you (fake) cry.

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