11 Mother’s Day Gifts That Will Actually Arrive on Time if You Order By Monday

11 Mother’s Day Gifts That Will Actually Arrive on Time if You Order By Monday
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If you’ve only just opened up your diary to see that Mother’s Day has, in fact, crept up on you for the sixth year in a row and you have absolutely no present for mum yet. We’ve got news for you – Amazon Mother’s Day gifts are the sure-fire way to get the leading lady in your life a gift that’s personalised, fun and most of all, extremely *cough* well-thought-out. The best part? Thanks to Amazon Prime, you can get it delivered right to your door in time for D-Day for free if you order by Monday.

Whether your mum is into fitness and yoga, rock n’ roll or loves a cult-fave beauty product as much as the next person, the beauty of Amazon is that there is something for everyone. And by everyone, we mean it. You can also tick the ‘add a gift receipt for easy returns’ box to guarantee a smooth returns process on the off chance she doesn’t like your taste in pressies.

Here are our top picks that we think are winning Mother’s Day presents, or at the very least might give you some last-minute inspiration for your own gift idea…

Tiered Plant Stand Ladder Shelf, $42.99

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If you share your mum with seven jillion plant babies (trust me, we’ve been there), it’d be abominable not to get her one of these Plant Shelves come Mother’s Day. It’s especially handy if some of her succulents need some extra TLC, aka the sun, but she doesn’t have enough window space.

You can buy the Tiered Plant Stand Ladder Shelf ($42.99) from Amazon here.

SoundPEATS Smart Watch Fitness Tracker, $48.99

On the other hand, if your mum is more of a fitness lover and has been talking about stepping it up a notch, this SoundPEATS Smart Watch Fitness Tracker might be a good way to help her start. Fitted with step, sleep and heart rate tracking capabilities plus more, it’s a great starter watch if she’d prefer something more straightforward than the Apple Watch.

You can buy the SoundPEATS Smart Watch Fitness Tracker ($48.99) from Amazon here.

Marc Jacobs Women’s The Mini Traveler Tote, $279.78

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If your mum’s got her sights set on a Euro summer now that travel is back on the cards, let us introduce you to this Marc Jacobs bag. Not only is it the ultimate day-to-day tote, but its versatility will ensure it goes with any outfit she could ever pack to wear on the French Riviera. It’s also got handbag straps as well as a shoulder strap,  giving your mum a couple of different ways to wear it.

You can buy the Marc Jacobs Women’s The Small Traveler Tote ($279.78) from Amazon here.

Sunbeam Mini Barista Coffee Machine, $245 (usually $299)

This Sunbeam Mini Barista Coffee Machine is the perfect Amazon Mother’s Day gift for the coffee-loving mum who’s been talking about buying an actual coffee machine for years but hasn’t taken the plunge. Not only does it boast PID Controlled Thermoblock technology to ensure a fast heat-up and the regulation of its temperature for consistently great-tasting coffee, but it also comes with a full size, cool touch milk frother that produces a dry steam to create velvety microfoam milk for lattes, flat whites and cappuccinos.

To sweeten the deal, it’s also on sale right now, and if you add Amazon’s further 15% discount coupon, you can get it for even less. Chef’s kiss.

You can buy the Sunbeam Mini Barista Coffee Machine ($245) from Amazon here.

Wall Mount Holder for Dyson Airwrap Styler, $63.77

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For the lucky Mum who has already got her hands on the Dyson Airwrap, it’s your duty to ensure she’s totally kitted out on the Dyson front with this Wall Mount Holder. This’ll allow her to mount the device up onto the wall alongside all the accessories. That way, it’s all organised, in one place and prevents anything from the kit getting lost or damaged (after all, those babies are a cool $800, so you wouldn’t want to lose or break ’em).

You can buy the Wall Mount Holder for Dyson Airwrap Styler ($63.77) from Amazon here.

PAVILIA Premium Womens Plush Soft Robe, From $48.49

This one’s more of an obvious Mother’s Day present choice, but let’s be real, you can never go wrong with a new fluffy robe — especially given it’s expected to rain like crazy for the next few weeks. Comfort is always key. This little baby also comes in a range of colourways if purple isn’t your mum’s cup of tea.

You can buy the PAVILIA Premium Womens Plush Soft Robe  ($48.49) from Amazon here.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, $18.50 (usually $28)

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This is hands down, the best lip balm ever, and we’re not afraid to stand by this forever. Bonus points for smelling amazing.

If you’re making a lil’ hamper or box for her, this one is also a great ‘stocking-stuffer’ type of Mother’s Day gift to add to it. Thank us later.

You can buy the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask from Amazon here. 

Renpho Electric Scalp Head Massager, $64.99

If like us, your mum bribed you into doing her hair or giving her a head massage so you could score extra TV time on a school night, then this Electric Scalp Head Massager is the perfect thoughtful and nostalgic Mother’s Day present. All she needs to do is turn it on and the device’s four massage heads with 76 individual nodes will provide a gently kneading 360° massage experience to promote inner scalp circulation and relieve stress.

You can buy the Renpho Electric Scalp Head Massager ($64.99) from Amazon here.

Scalp Massagers, $17.99

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Everyone and their hamster came back from Bali with one of these epic head massager babies, and boy did they make your scalp feel amazing. So, if mum isn’t into the whole electric scalp massage, this is a fabulous alternative. Bonus favourite child points if you do it for her on Mother’s Day.

You can buy the Scalp Massagers ($17.99) from Amazon here.

HaiZR Digital Photo Frame, $149.99

We told you these Amazon Mother’s Day Gifts were truly fit for any mum, and this present is definitely one of the more versatile ones. Why? Every mum loves a trip down memory lane, and with this Digital Photo frame, you can give her over 40,000 trips down memory lanes. All you have to do is load up your photos before you give it to her, and she’ll be able to plug it in and see the magic.

You can buy the HaiZR Digital Photo Frame ($149.99) from Amazon here.

LATME Ice Roller, $16.95

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Ice facials have been around for a while now with experts claiming it helps boost circulation, reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles and give your skin a healthy glow. So, if your mum loves a skincare hack, this ice roller is the perfect gift that’ll allow her to try it out at home. All she has to do is chuck it in the freezer and voila, fresh morning skin!

You can buy the LATME Ice Roller ($16.95) from Amazon here.

If you don’t think any of these Amazon Mother’s Day Gifts will tickle your mum’s fancy, let us redirect you to a couple more options before the big day:


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