11 Useful Mother’s Day Gifts That New Mums Won’t Have to Fake Appreciation For

11 Useful Mother’s Day Gifts That New Mums Won’t Have to Fake Appreciation For
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As soon as anyone close to me announces that they’re pregnant, my first thought is congratulations, and my second is always what on earth do I get them for their baby shower? However, this time, the beast is Mother’s Day. And as someone who is a) not a parent and b) doesn’t even know the first step to holding a baby, I decided it was time to consult some long-time and new mothers on the best gifts to get new mums (and of course, baby) if you want to surprise them with a lil’ treat for their first Mother’s Day.

Here’s the rundown on their personal faves.

Best gifts for new mums

Bigger Clothes

Sometimes, it’s so easy to get caught up in buying all the cute newborn clothes as baby gifts that people tend to forget that babies grow constantly, and within a few months, probably won’t fit into their small newborn-sized onesies anymore. One mum said, “buy bigger and think of what bub will need beyond six months. Babies grow so quickly that sadly we got given so many beautiful things that my daughter didn’t even get to wear in the end.”

One of her top recommendations was these highly-rated Bonds Zippy Wondersuits that come in newborn sizes right up to 36 months. She says, “they have cuffs for [baby’s] hands and feet which means no scratching, as well as double zips, so night changes are easy.” An added bonus? They’re comfy as hell and come in a bunch of different colourways.

Where to buy: Amazon $12, Bonds $26.99

Bodysuit Extenders

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Alternatively, bodysuit extenders are a great way to elongate the life of those existing onesies the new mum in your life already has.

Where to buy: Amazon $13.99, eBay $5.45, Little Eco Shop $24.95

Jolly Jumper

These things are a literal godsend, according to mums. Not only do the babies love them, but they’re also such a lifesaver when you need a break from holding them. Win-win.

All you have to do is connect it up to the stand (included), and voila, you’re ready to bounce.

Where to buy: Baby Bunting $169 (usually $199)


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A cool steam vaporiser is a great thing to have on hand when a little one is sick as it releases soothing, non-medicated vapours into the room, making bedtime more comfortable and inviting as you snuggle in for a restful night. Note: you shouldn’t use hot steam while the baby sleeps during the warmer months.

Where to buy: Amazon $76.76

Breastfeeding Tea

This 100% natural breastfeeding/lactation tea is made of a subtle blend of herbs that have been used traditionally for milk flow including, fennel, nettle, fenugreek seeds and star anise. While it sounds like a random concoction, we can assure you it has a sweet and aromatic liquorice flavour, with a hint of nutty caramel and lemon verbena to round out the flavour with a slight citrus zing. Mums say it’s been a great tool in helping them produce more milk, with one even mentioning the stuff helped “[her] baby’s reflux calm down, so the ingredients must be good for her tummy.”

This is a great stocking stuffer-esque gift if you’re planning on making a little hamper with some essentials, too.

Where to buy: Healthy Life $13.38, Amazon $15.75

Freezer Packs

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It’s no secret breastfeeding isn’t an easy gig, and if the new mum in your life has chosen to go down this path, then getting her some of these TheraPearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy gel packs are a gift she’ll instantly appreciate once she tries them. Not only do they provide cold therapy to help relieve engorgement, but they offer hot therapy to encourage milk let-down and relieve plugged ducts and mastitis as well. The ultimate all-rounder.

Where to buy: Amazon $24.99, Chemist Warehouse $22.75

Post-Natal Recovery Pack

Dubbed “the best gift any mum to be has received in the history of baby showers,” or in this case, Mother’s Day. This Frida Mom Post-Natal Recovery Pack comes fitted with four pairs of disposable underwear, instant ice maxi pads, perineal cooling pad liners, and perineal healing foam and a toilet-top storage caddy, so the new mum in your life can keep as comfortable as she can down there while she recovers.

Where to buy: Amazon $82

Breast Pump

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Highly-raved about and recommended to us by a couple of mums, this Haakaa Breast Pump is a great baby gift if you know your friend is breastfeeding and she’s talked about how much milk she has, as it’s fantastic for capturing milk that would have otherwise been wasted.

Where to buy: Amazon $37.10, Milkbar Breastpumps $59.95


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One baby gift you can never go wrong with is buying lots of disposable nappies since they’re actually super expensive, and trust us, new parents will be going through a lot of them. This Huggies Newborn multi-pack of over 200 nappies comes at a steal of $53.45.

Where to buy: Amazon $53.45

Baby Carrier

A baby carrier isn’t always a top priority prior to bub being born, so if you know the new mum in your life hasn’t already made the purchase, treating her with one of these Baby Bjorn carriers is a guaranteed way to spoil her because these don’t come cheap. But, we can assure you, this bad boy is sturdy, reliable, and for the most part, fairly comfortable, meaning it’s absolutely worth it.

It also has the option to carry the baby facing inwards or outwards, as well as adjustments for just about every strap you can imagine. It can be a little daunting to set up initially, but once you get the hang of it, it’s incredibly easy.

Where to buy: Amazon $163.61

Pregnancy/Postpartum Massage

New mum gifts, gifts for new mums, best gifts for new mums, baby gifts

While lots of people tend to focus on getting baby gifts, for the new mum who already has everything, the best thing you can give that saint is time alone. A voucher for a massage or facial where they can relax and unwind, even if just for a few hours, always goes down a treat!

Where to buy: Endota Spa $130

You can find more great gift options for Mum this Mother’s Day here.

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