Can’t Get Enough of Wordle? Here Are 8 Board Games to Get Your Fix

Can’t Get Enough of Wordle? Here Are 8 Board Games to Get Your Fix

If you’ve been on Twitter over the last few months, it’s likely that your feed has been bombarded by a surge of gold, green and grey cubes. This phenomenon, a word game known as “Wordle“, has taken over user’s lives in the form of a new daily ritual that both frustrates and delights. It may look a little something like this:



For those of you who may have developed a *slight* obsession with the New York Times game, we’ve handpicked a bunch of board and card games so you can squeeze a little more wordiness into your everyday.

What is Wordle and how do you play it?

Wordle: Simple but very popular. (Screenshot: Wordle)
Wordle: Simple but very popular. (Image: Wordle)

Wordle is an online five-letter word game that was developed by a Welsh software engineer known as Josh Wardle. The object of the game is to figure out what the daily mystery word is in under six attempts.

For every word that you submit, the tiles will change colour to show you how close your guess was to the mystery word. Green means that a letter is in the correct spot, gold means that you’ve guessed one of the letters but it’s not in the right spot; and dark grey means that that letter isn’t part of the sequence.

The best strategy is to start with the same word each day. Words like “slice”, “tried” or “crane” are good starting points, while beginning with “adieu” and following it with “story” is a popular TikTok hack some use instead.

Just like hangman, it’s a smart idea to figure out which vowels are in the mystery word first, before trying to fill the gaps with the remaining consonants.

If you want to give it a shot, or you haven’t had the chance to play today, you can check it out here.

Best board games to play that are like Wordle

Articulate, $26

Articulate is a board game for the fast-thinking, fast-talking
Image: Articulate

Articulate is a fast-talking game for fast-thinkers. Instead of trying to guess a mystery word based off its remaining letters, you’ll need to rely on your partner’s descriptions to guess as many words as possible before the timer runs out. For every word you guess correctly, you get to move a space forward around the board.

Each round follows a theme where you’ll have to guess anything from action-related words (such as dancing, interrogating or voting) to the names of famous people throughout history (good luck describing Nebuchadnezzar to someone who’s never heard of him). This board game comes with a 30-second hour glass and 500 cards for you to describe from.

It’s a game that relies on your quick thinking and communication skills if you want any chance of making it around the board. Articulate is sure to get your heart pumping and will really test your relationship with your partner at times.

Shop it here.

Bananagrams, $18

Image: Moose Games

We like to think of Bananagrams as a fast and easy version of Scrabble that happens to be kid-friendly. Its an anagram puzzle where the aim is to get rid of all of your assigned tiles as quickly as possible. There’s no board, complex scoring system or pen and paper to keep track of.

The best part is that it can be played with just two people and its super lightweight so you can take it with you on a plane or your next camping trip. The first person to complete their word grid using all of their letters wins the coveted title of “Top Banana”.

Shop it here.

Scattergories, $29.66

Image: Hasbro

This two to four-player board game allows you to win points by coming up with the most unique answers. Players must work from a category card and lettered die to try and write a list of as many words that start with the random letter in a short time frame. Those who come up with the most original answers, will score extra points.

Scattergories the type of game that will make you exclaim, “D’oh, why didn’t I think of that?!”

Shop it here.

Poetry For Neanderthals, $33

Image: Exploding Kittens

Any game that comes with an inflatable stick you can whoop your siblings with is a guaranteed good time in our eyes. Poetry For Neanderthals is a card game where you must describe a word in single syllables (caveman-style) to get your team to guess the mystery word.

While you try to describe the word on the card, another team player will stand next to you holding the “NO Stick”, waiting for you to break the one syllable rule. Say a big word and you’ll cop a bop on the head and lose points.

This game will really test your vocabulary and attention to detail when speaking. It’s also just a cheap excuse to batter your friends to a pulp for being too wordy.

Shop it here.

Upwords, $38.94

Upwords is a fun word game of the whole family
Image: Spin Master Games

Upwords is a fun word-building game for two to four players that features stackable letter tiles. We like to think of it as the love child between Scrabble and Jenga.

Every player starts with seven letter tiles and must arrange them on the board either across or down to make new words. If you can stack on top of an existing word, you’ll earn a higher score.

It features a “lazy Susan” design, so you can rotate the game board in your direction when it’s your turn to play. If you ask us, we reckon all board games should be built this way. Who doesn’t think they’re at a disadvantage when the whole board is sitting upside down?

Shop it here.

A Little Wordy, $29.99

A Little Wordy
Image: Exploding Kittens

A Little Wordy is a lot like Guess Who but with words, which makes it deliciously difficult.

Two players are handed a random assortment of lettered tiles and you must rearrange your letters until you come up with a word. Once you’ve written down your word, you and your opponent will use clue cards to try to figure out each other’s secret word.

Honestly? It sounds like a hoot.

Shop it here.

Rewordable, $20.79

Image: Crown

A combination between UNO and (you guessed it) Scrabble, Rewordable is a complex game for up to eight players where you can build words for rewards and steal each other’s to earn extra points.

Points are determined by the number of letters added to your “lexicon”, which is a spread of words and tokens formed in front of each player during the game. You get to steal other players’ words if you can think of a way to expand on their constructed word.

Shop it here.

Super Big Boggle, $36.74

Boggle is a classic word game everyone knows and loves
Image: Winning Moves

Boggle is bigger and better than ever. This classic word game can be played between two or more players and just needs some pen and paper to get started.

All you need to do is flip the little three-minute timer and give the Boggle cube a good shake before you race to connect as many letters as possible into words. Of course, there’s just one caveat — the letters must be touching either vertically, horizontally or diagonally in a chain.

Once the time’s up, you’ll count how many words you found to figure out your score. The best thing about Boggle is that it can go on for as many rounds as you like (or as little).

Shop it here.

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