6 Games to Try Once You’ve Done Your Daily Wordle

6 Games to Try Once You’ve Done Your Daily Wordle

It’s no secret Wordle has taken the world by storm. The daily word game has skyrocketed over the past couple of months and what once started as a cute little game that a guy made for his girlfriend has now become a million dollar acquisition by the New York Times. If you simply cannot get enough of your daily Wordle (hello, me) we thought we’d check out some great similar games to try.

To be clear, we’re not talking about those Wordle clones that replicate the game completely. We’re looking at games that will offer you a similar word-guessing experience. Here’s what we’ve come up with.

Games you can play that are similar to Wordle


worldle wordle similar games
Screenshot: Worldle

It may have a very similar name to Wordle but Worldle is a completely different kind of guessing game. The game is essentially Wordle for geography with players asked to guess the country based on its outline.

Every incorrect guess will give a few clues such as how far away the country is from the one you’ve guessed and in what direction you should be thinking. Players get six guesses to get it right and there’s only one a day. Here’s hoping you remember your world maps.

Play Worldle here.


crosswordle wordle similar games
Screenshot: Crosswordle

Crosswordle is described as ‘Sudoku meets Wordle’ and is basically a game of Wordle in reverse.

Players are given a board that looks very similar to a Wordle one, with the final word filled in. Then, making use of the known letters and the yellow and green coloured squares, you need to figure out words that would get you to that final answer.

It’s a lot more difficult than your typical Wordle game but definitely satisfying for those who want a good brainteaser.

Play Crosswordle here.

Words With Friends

words with friends wordle
Screenshot: Zynga

Words With Friends is not a new invention, but the Scrabble-like multiplayer game is perfect for Wordle players.

The rules are basically the same as Scrabble, with players taking turns to build words out of their tiles that will earn them the highest score. The advantage of having it online is that you can play with friends anywhere and take multiple turns a day if you can nudge your mates to play.

Words With Friends can be downloaded from the Apple app and Google Play stores.


globle wordle games
Screenshot: Globle

Our friends at Kotaku pointed out this genius game called Globle. Similar to Worldle, the game will test your knowledge of countries and geography as you try and guess the country of the day.

Every wrong answer you give will point you in either a warmer or cooler direction of where the correct answer is on the globe. If you get a light-coloured country you’re far away whereas a warmer colour indicates you’re getting close. Unlike Wordle, Globle gives you an unlimited number of guesses. But it’s only available once a day, so make your game count!

Play Globle here.


scattergories word games
Screenshot: Gamiac.net

Scattergories can be fun to play with friends or on your own. The game basically gives you a list of categories (eg. countries, foods) and a random letter. You then have to come up with words beginning with that letter in each of the categories, as quickly as possible.

You win a point in each category if no other players have guessed the same word as you.

There are plenty of options for playing Scattergories either online or via the app store.


Image: Lewdle

If you like your Wordle a little spicy then Lewdle is the answer to your prayers.

The game is basically a replica of Wordle in terms of style and gameplay but the task is to come up with rude words as answers. If it’s offensive or R-rated it counts in Lewdle.

Try Lewdle here.

If you’d rather just stick with Wordle check out these tips for the best starting word and how to play the game more than once a day.

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