Here’s a Look at All of Samsung’s 2022 TVs and How Much They’ll Cost You

Here’s a Look at All of Samsung’s 2022 TVs and How Much They’ll Cost You

Televisions have come so far in such a short amount of time. It feels like only a few years ago 4K TVs were the hot new thing and now we already have 8K and even rollable TVs to contend with. One brand at the forefront of TV innovation is Samsung, which continues to upgrade its lineup of displays each and every year. In 2022, Samsung is bringing a new range of lifestyle and Neo QLED TVs to Australia and we’re going to break it all down for you.

Samsung 2022 Neo QLED TV range

samsung 2022 tv range neo qled
Image: Samsung

If you haven’t seen one of Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs in person before, trust us they look amazing.

Neo QLED is the step above QLED and makes use of a Mini LED backlight which essentially uses thousands of tiny LED lights to give more precise colour control and enhanced brightness.

What’s new in the 2022 Neo QLED range is something Samsung is dubbing Shape Adaptive Light and Real Depth Enhancer technology that uses the TV’s AI algorithms to bring brighter and more realistic shapes to the screen. The displays can also adjust their tone based on an in-built light sensor which will reduce blue light exposure at night.

In the sound department, 2022 Neo QLD TVs will be getting native Dolby Atmos support, which is basically the best surround sound tech on the market right now.

Additionally, some extra features Neo QLEDs are getting this year include a new media Smart Hub that has a bunch of streaming apps like Paramount+, Netflix, Binge and Stan, as well as a smart calibration feature that allows users to optimise their screens using their smartphone.

Australian prices and availability

Samsung’s 2022 range of Neo QLEDs includes 4K and 8K models with sizes ranging from 55 to 85 inches. There’s also a new range of more affordable QLED and Crystal UHD options.

Here’s a breakdown of each model’s local prices:

2022 8K Neo QLED Televisions

  • 8K QN900B 85-inches – $11,999
  • 8K QN900B 75-inches – $7,999
  • 8K QN900B 65-inches – $5,799
  • 8K QN800B 85-inches – $8,499
  • 8K QN800B 75-inches – $6,199
  • 8K QN800B 65-inches – $4,699

2022 4K Neo QLED Televisions

  • 4K QN95B 75-inches – $5,499
  • 4K QN95B 65-inches – $4,299
  • 4K QN95B 55-inches – $3,299
  • 4K QN90B 85-inches – $6,999
  • 4K QN90B 75-inches – $4,999
  • 4K QN90B 65-inches – $3,899
  • 4K QN90B 55-inches – $2,999
  • 4K QN90B 50-inches – $2,299
  • 4K QN85B 85-inches – $6,299
  • 4K QN85B 75-inches – $4,499
  • 4K QN85B 65-inches – $3,499
  • 4K QN85B 55-inches – $2,699

2022 Samsung QLED Televisions

  • QLED Q80B 85-inches – $5,599
  • QLED Q80B 75-inches – $3,899
  • QLED Q80B 65-inches – $2,999
  • QLED Q80B 55-inches – $2,299
  • QLED Q70B 85-inches – $4,499
  • QLED Q70B 75-inches – $2,999
  • QLED Q70B 65-inches – $2,499
  • QLED Q70B 55-inches – $1,999
  • QLED Q60B 85-inches – $3,999
  • QLED Q60B 75-inches – $2,499
  • QLED Q60B 65-inches – $1,899
  • QLED Q60B 55-inches – $1,499

2022 Samsung Crystal UHD Televisions

  • Crystal UHD Bu8000 85-inches – $2,999
  • Crystal UHD Bu8000 75-inches – $1,999
  • Crystal UHD Bu8000 65-inches – $1,499
  • Crystal UHD Bu8000 55-inches – $1,199
  • Crystal UHD Bu8000 50-inches – $999
  • Crystal UHD Bu8000 43-inches – $899

All models are available at retailers and online from March 16.

Samsung 2022 The Frame TV Range

samsung 2022 the frame
Image: Samsung

Samsung is also bringing out a new edition of its lifestyle range of The Frame TVs.

For reference, these TVs are displays that are designed to look like artwork in your house. They can double both as TVs and artworks of your choice thanks to their framed design.

The main takeaway from the 2022 lineup is that The Frame, The Sero and The Serif have all been coated with a new Anti-Glare matte display that repels glare and fingerprints.

The Sero is also bumping things up this year with new horizontal and vertical modes (yes, it can spin with the right wall mount) to aid multitasking.

Australian prices and availability

Like the Neo QLED range, the 2022 lifestyle TVs are available from March 16 in Australia. Here’s a breakdown of the prices:

The Frame 2022 range:

  • The Frame 85-inches – $4,999
  • The Frame 75-inches – $3,299
  • The Frame 65-inches – $2,499
  • The Frame 55-inches – $1,999
  • The Frame 50-inches – $1,699
  • The Frame 43-inches – $1,399
  • The Frame 32-inches – $799

The Serif 2022 range:

  • The Serif 65-inches – $2,199
  • The Serif 55-inches – $1,699
  • The Serif 43-inches – $1,199
  • The Serif 65-inches – $2,199
  • The Serif 55-inches – $1,699
  • The Serif 43-inches – $1,199

The Sero 2022 range:

  • The Sero 43-inches – $1,499

Samsung has also released a new range of accessories with its 2022 TV lineup including new wall mounts (including some that can rotate) and frames for the lifestyle TVs.

Check out the whole TV range on Samsung’s website.

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