All the Best Black Friday Deals on TVs, Right Here

All the Best Black Friday Deals on TVs, Right Here
Contributor: Chris Neill
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The floodgates for Black Friday deals have opened and the time has come to wade through them all. But if you’re just looking for a great deal on TVs, look no further.

Here’s our roundup of the best TV deals available.

First, what should I look for in a TV?

It’s easy to size up a TV by looking at its screen size and price tag and then throwing your cash at it but there are few things you should first consider. While the bigger the TV, the better it sounds, you’ll also need to be realistic. Ask yourself: Does it fit in my living room comfortably? Am I going to be too close to the screen? If you’ve got the space for a monster 75-inch then go for it but if you’re renting small apartments, a 55-inch screen should more than suffice. That’s because sitting too close to a huge screen is no fun but it’s also not great on your eyes.

You might also be hearing more and more about 8K TVs these days but it’s not worth rushing out and grabbing one just yet. There’s very few movies and shows out there available in 8K and even if you did find one, you’ll need a fast internet speed to be able to stream it. Instead, 4K, or Ultra HD, TVs should be more than enough with content slowly creeping up to it. If you’re really needing to budget, 1080p is still the standard resolution and most content will be captured in that at minimum.

Another important thing to check is how many HDMI ports the TV comes with. Everything needs a HDMI cable these days from your PlayStation or Xbox, your Nintendo Switch as well as your soundbar so make sure it has at least four to cover the basics plus the extra one can be used to plug your laptop in if you’re streaming movies off it.

Finally, some 4K TVs now also come with high dynamic range (HDR). This essentially enhances the colours you see so they appear more vivid. It’s a pretty nice feature to have when you’re watching movies and shows on a huge screen but it’s ultimately going to cost you a bit more.

Okay, gimme some hot Black Friday sales

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