Samsung’s Best TV Now Comes With A Free Galaxy S10+ Smartphone

Samsung’s Best TV Now Comes With A Free Galaxy S10+ Smartphone
Image: Samsung

Samsung’s award-winning QLED 8K TV range is now available to pre-order in Australia. To mark the occasion, the company is giving away a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S10+ with every purchase. That’s a $1499 smartphone, completely free! Here are the details.

The Samsung QLED 8K TV range are some of the first television panels to boast a native resolution of 33 million pixels – which is massive 16 times more pixels than 1080p Full HD. This is about as ‘future-proof’ as a TV gets, and while there isn’t much 8K video available right now, you can upscale most of your non-8K content to look significantly crisper and more detailed.

The range utilises direct LED backlighting and anti-glare technology to produce the deepest black levels possible. The panels have also been optimised for viewing in sun-filled rooms from any angle.

Other highlights include 4000 nits of peak brightness, an AI-fuelled Quantum Processor, a separate connectivity panel for hooking up all your devices and the expected bevy of smart-TV features.

Naturally, these TVs don’t come cheap with prices starting at $9999. However, it’s worth noting that this is the only TV you will need to buy for a decade or more. (Australia’s consumer protection laws should ensure you get a replacement well after the warranty expires.)

Here are the available models and their price tags:

To take some of the sting out of the exuberant price tag, Samsung is offering a free 128GB Galaxy S10+ valued at $1499. (In fact, Samsung will pay you to take the device: it actually appears in your shopping cart for -$1.)

The free phone offer is available from today (March 14) until April 1. If you’re in the market for a cutting-edge TV we advise snapping up this pre-order offer. Even if you don’t need the phone, you’ll be able to effortlessly sell it on eBay for $1200 or more.

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  • This is about as ‘future-proof’ as a TV getsLots of pixels do not a future-proof television make.
    What happens when the next HDMI spec comes out in three years and your TV doesn’t support it? Or the next video format? Or the next audio format? Or the next colour standard? Or the next digital copy protection scheme?

    Early adopters still run a high risk of being left behind as technology evolves, regardless of the resolution.

    • While those are fair points, this Samsung TV has a separate connectivity terminal – this should make it a lot easier to stay compatible with new ports and standards. (i.e. – you just have to unplug the box and exchange it for Version 2, or whatever.)

      Same goes for new video/audio files via firmware updates.

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