Luxe Listings Sydney Is Back for Season 2 With More Eye-Watering Property Prices

Luxe Listings Sydney Is Back for Season 2 With More Eye-Watering Property Prices
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If you’re keen to perve on rich folks splashing cash on ridiculously priced homes once again, we’re happy to let you know the second season of Luxe Listings Sydney is here, honey.

It’s a rare joy that we get to ride along and pretend we mere mortals understand the world of extreme luxury in Sydney’s high-end property market (or even understand Sydney’s property market at all). Luxe Listings Sydney is a voyeur’s dream.

Here’s everything you need to know before tuning in to the show.

What is Luxe Listings Sydney season 2 about?

Luxe Listings Sydney season 2
Luxe Listings Sydney season 2. Credit: Prime Video, Tali Gordon

In a nutshell, the series follows a group of Sydney-based real estate agents as they work through Sydney’s elite property market and all the piles of money, and extreme egos, that are associated with it.

The synopsis for the season reads:

The Sydney real estate market is hotter than ever, with demand for exclusive properties far outweighing the supply. Luxe Listings Sydney follows four elite agents as they negotiate multi-million-dollar deals in one of the most competitive and cutthroat markets in the world; Sydney, Australia. Money never sleeps, and these agents will stop at nothing to deliver the best results for their clients.

Season two follows the dynamic duo of real estate agents Gavin Rubinstein and D’Leanne Lewis, respected buyer’s agent Simon Cohen, and new international market specialist agent Monika Tu. Complete with stunning harbour views, iconic beachfront backdrops, and unrivalled grandeur, this is the fast-paced world of buying and selling high-end real estate luxury within the harbour city. More information below.

Show me a trailer

If you’re keen to see the weird and wonderful dealings of Luxe Listings Sydney season 2, here’s a first look for you.

Prime Video Australia has also dropped an official trailer for the new season, which you can watch below:

Where can I watch Luxe Listings Sydney season 2?

Ready to get some high-end drama in your life? Luxe Listings Sydney season 2 is coming to Aussie screens on April 1, 2022, via Prime Video.

There are six drama-filled episodes headed your way this season.

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