The 5 Best Episodes of The Witcher, According to User Reviews

The 5 Best Episodes of The Witcher, According to User Reviews

The Witcher is a highly addictive fantasy show that has firmly secured its place as one of Netflix’s most popular series of all time. The Witcher world is continuing to expand but we’re going to be waiting a while longer for season 3. So if you’re ready to drown your sorrows with a rewatch we thought we’d see which of The Witcher’s 16 episodes are considered the best.

Normally we’d turn to Rotten Tomatoes for this sort of thing, where the series currently sits at 81%. But, unfortunately, Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t do episodic ratings so we’re turning to trusty old IMDb instead.

IMDb’s ratings are collated from thousands of scores from users who can cast a vote out of 10 on any of the movies, series or episodes on the platform. Let’s see which episodes of The Witcher the people think are the best.

The best episodes of The Witcher

Betrayer Moon – Season 1, Episode 3

the witcher striga best episodes
Image: Netflix

IMDb score: 8.7

The third episode of The Witcher’s first season blends two very important storylines.

One is the transformation of Yennefer, who decides to give up her fertility in order to complete a dark magic ritual that will make her more beautiful.

Meanwhile, Geralt is in Temeria where he meets King Foltest and his advisor Triss – two very important characters from the Witcher stories. Geralt is sent on a mission to deal with a Striga, one very nasty monster, which leads to one of the tensest fight scenes in the series.

Of Banquets, Baskets and Burials – Season 1, Episode 4

witcher geralt bathtub episode
Image: Netflix

IMDb score: 8.6

Episode four of season one is another iconic one in The Witcher timeline as it explains how Ciri became Geralt’s child of surprise.

The episode sees Geralt attend a royal ball at Cintra where he meets Queen Calanthe and her daughter, Princess Pavetta. The witcher helps the Princess marry the man she’s chosen, a knight named Duny who suffers from an unfortunate disfigurement curse. As a reward, he claims the law of surprise, not realising Pavetta is already pregnant.

‘Of Banquets, Baskets and Burials’ is also memorable as the episode that gives us the iconic Geralt bathtub scene. The IMDb voters chose correctly with this one.

Much More – Season 1, Episode 8

the witcher episodes geralt ciri
Image: Netflix

IMDb score – 8.9

The Witcher’s season one finale was epic enough to earn it the highest rating on IMDb out of all 16 episodes. The last episode saw the huge battle of Sodden take place as Yennefer and the mages attempt to protect it from the incoming Nilfgaard attack.

The finale also saw Geralt and Ciri finally come together, something audiences had been waiting a whole season for.

A Grain of Truth – Season 2, Episode 1

the witcher best episodes nivellan
Image: Netflix

IMDb score: 8.7

The Witcher’s second season opened with an adaptation of the iconic short story A Grain of Truth. Geralt takes his newly discovered child on a surprise to visit his friend Nivellan (played by Kristofer Hivju) who has been cursed and turned into a beast.

As Geralt and Ciri spend time in the isolated castle they learn it is home to a Bruxa, which results in one of The Witcher’s most terrifying battles.

Family – Season 2, Episode 8

Image: Netflix

IMDb score: 8.6

The season two finale combined everything The Witcher is known for. Ciri is possessed by the demonic force Voleith Meir and works on killing all the witchers at Kaer Morhen with a group of basilisk monsters. Yennefer and Jaskier work on a cure while Geralt attempts to break Ciri out of her own mind.

Even the Wild Hunt shows up to cap off an epic season and there are plenty of teases for what’s to come in season 3.

Do you agree that these are The Witcher’s best episodes? Let us know in the comments.

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