6 Smart Home Devices You Can Control From Your Bed

6 Smart Home Devices You Can Control From Your Bed
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If you’re someone who loves tech, you probably already know how satisfying it is to introduce a smart home device into your humble abode. Each smart home device is designed toturn even the simplest of tasks into minimal effort.

For instance, while scrolling through TikTok the other day, I found this gadget that’ll turn any curtain into a smart one. It’s a device designed to hook onto your curtain rod without any nuts or screws and allows you to open and close your curtains via an app on your phone. You can even schedule it to open them in the AM to help wake you from your sleep gently. How good is that?!

Seriously, once you start looking, you’ll find that there’s a smart home device for everything — smart lights and powerpoints, tracking tags for your remote controls and automated air purifiers — to name a few.

In the spirit of helping you convert your bedroom into a smart one (and never stress over leaving your hair straightener on again), we’ve rounded up some of the best smart home devices worth of space in your bedroom. You’re welcome!

The Best Smart Home Devices for Your Bedroom

SwitchBot Smart Curtain, $149.95

Okay, I already gave this nifty smart home device a bit of a plug up top. But honestly, how did we not know these existed sooner? You hook the little device onto your curtain rod, and the small wireless robot makes any curtains motorised and smart, so you can then open and close them with your smartphone. Or, just schedule them to open and close automatically — heaven!

You can buy the SwitchBot Smart Curtain ($149.95) from eBay here.

TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Slim Smart Plug, $24.95

smart home devices

Raise your hand if you know the panic of leaving the house and thinking you’ve left the straightener plugged in? Well, my friends, never again with the Kasa Smart Plug. Using this little smart home device, you can manage your household electronics from anywhere in the world with a tap of your smartphone. Yup, you can automate everything from your pedestal fan to your lights and appliances with these smart plugs. Once installed, you simply download the app and control the on and off function from the palm of your hand. I just read that some absolutely genius has his coffee machine plugged into it so he can brew from bed. I’m officially impressed.

You can buy the TP-Link Kasa Smart wifi Slim Smart Plug ($24.95) from Amazon here.

Tile Sticker, $150.27

smart home devices

If you’re notorious for losing remotes in your room (think ceiling fan remotes, TV remotes, etc.) the Tile Stickers might just be the solution to all your problems. These little babies are small smart devices that come with an adhesive sticker on the back and will help you keep track of your belongings. When in range (150ft), you simply press a button in your app and ‘call’ your sticker until you find your device. They also make one for your keys if you’re one of those people.

You can buy the Tile Sticker ($150.27) from Amazon here.

Echo Dot (4th Gen), $99

smart home devices

While this is one of the more obvious smart home devices, it’s one you’ve maybe put off investing in — until now, that is. You can round out any room with Alexa. You can use voice control to play songs, ask Alexa questions, create shopping lists, add things to your calendar, set alarms, and control other smart devices around your home, like lighting and Wi-Fi.

You can buy the Echo Dot (4th Gen) ($99) from Amazon here.

Nanoleaf Smart Bulb, $35

As far as smart home devices go, you can’t really have a ‘best-of’ list without including the Nanoleaf Smart Bulbs. They’re the first of their kind to work on a Thread and give you complete customisation of light colour, temperature and schedule.

You can buy the Nanoleaf Smart Bulb ($35) from Amazon here.

Sierra Modern Home Smart Diffuser and Humidifier, $71.50

If you’re someone who constantly has a diffuser or humidifier running, this one is for you. The Sierra Modern Home Smart Diffuser and Humidifier can either operate as a standard diffuser, or you can download the companion app to control features like LED colour, mist intensity, timer settings, scheduling and more directly from your phone.

You can buy the Sierra Modern Home Smart Diffuser & Humidifier ($71.50) from Amazon here.

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